The Upshaws Season 3 Release Date, Preview, Cast (Netflix)

The Upshaws Season 3: The third season of The Upshaws features the immediate return of comic powerhouses Mke Epps and Wanda Sykes. The sitcom, which follows the ups and downs of Bennie Upshaw (Epps) and his family, has maintained its popularity among comedy fans. They have serious issues, yet their responses are always hilarious.

After the patriarch and his sister-in-law ended up in jail for their latest misstep in the second season finale, viewers were left wondering how they would get out. From what we know of him, he will probably continue babbling, cracking ineffectual jokes, and saving his most sharp rejoinders for Lucretia (Sykes), who will no doubt hurl a barrage of insults at him.

To what else can viewers look forward to this season’s brand-new episodes? So far, this is all the information we have about Season 3 of The Upshaw’s.

The Upshaws Season 3 Release Date

On Thursday, February 16th, the new episodes of season 3 of The Upshaws will be accessible to watch online on Netflix.

The Upshaws Season 3 Preview

From the looks of the trailer, the Upshaw family may be in for some changes. The way Lucretia feels about her sister’s husband seems the same, though.

Bennie thought that by buying cheaper parts for fixing cars, he was helping the auto shop. The details were cheap because they were stolen, which makes his actions illegal. If you remember, Bennie and Lucretia were going to jail by the end of season 2. We don’t know how he will get out of trouble this time, but for his sake, we hope it happens before Lucretia gets mad at him for dragging her into this mess as his business partner.

In the season 2 finale, Regina (Fields) finally loses her temper at work and quits. At the time, the family’s income was going up, but now that Bennie is in jail and the business is in trouble, she might have to consider returning to the job she hated.

Also, in season 3, the Upshaw children have to go through their growing pains. Bernard (Simon) is still figuring out what it means to be a parent, Aaliyah (Spraggins) is stuck trying to be popular at school, and Kelvin (Lyons) has to keep getting used to the fact that his mom is not Regina.

The Upshaws Season 3 Cast

  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard
  • Chris Williams as Larry

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