The Super Mario Bros Movie Soundtrack: A Nostalgic Journey Through Mario’s Musical World

The Super Mario Bros Movie Soundtrack: The Nostalgic Soundtrack of the Super Mario Bros Movie The highly-anticipated Super Mario Bros Movie features a nostalgic and infectious soundtrack that pays homage to the franchise’s musical history. Composer Brian Tyler has skillfully incorporated motifs and cues from iconic tracks, ranging from the 8-bit NES origins to the memorable ‘Jump Up, Super Star!’ from Super Mario Odyssey.

Vinyl Release Date and Ordering Details

 Fans can pre-order the Super Mario Bros Movie soundtrack on vinyl starting April 7, 2023, from iam8bit. The collection offers four products: a 2xLP vinyl release, a cassette, a CD, and a 7″ Bowser single. The vinyl features red and green colored discs housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket, adorned with fantastic artwork from the Illumination team.

Streaming the Soundtrack 

The Super Mario Bros soundtrack will be available for streaming on platforms like Spotify from April 7, 2023. Composer Brian Tyler confirmed the news through an Instagram story and shared the full tracklist for fans to anticipate.

Super Mario Bros. Opus6:42
Press Start2:38
King of the Koopas3:33
Plumbin’ Ain’t Easy1:16
It’s a Dog Eat Plumber World1:15
Saving Brooklyn1:47
The Warp Pipe2:05
Strange New World2:03
The Darklands2:20
Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom2:18
2 Player Game5:07
The Mushroom Council2:07
The Plumber and the Peach1:21
Platforming Princess1:39
World 1-12:34
The Adventure Begins3:04
Lost and Crowned1:39
Courting the Kongs2:00
Drivin’ Me Bananas1:20
Rumble in the Jungle3:59
Practice Makes Perfect1:00
Buckle Up1:31
Rainbow Road Rage3:31
Blue Shelled2:26
An Indecent Proposal3:24
The Belly of the Beast1:23
Fighting Tooth and Veil3:45
Tactical Tanooki2:22
Mario Brothers Rap0:58
Grapple in the Big Apple3:40
The Super Mario Brothers1:27
Bonus Level1:01
Level Complete2:32

Blending the Old with the New 

In an interview, Tyler explained how he worked closely with Koji Kondo, the original composer for many Mario games, to incorporate both classic themes and new elements into the film’s score. He described hidden Easter eggs in the music and his goal of creating a soundtrack that satisfies long-time fans while also providing a dramatic backdrop for the movie.

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