The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post Credit Scene

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post Credit Scene: The Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally hit cinemas, and many fans are wondering if there are any post-credit scenes to look forward to. Post-credit scenes have become a trend in blockbuster movies, often providing Easter eggs or hints at future installments. So, is there any bonus content after the credits in the Mario Movie? Let’s find out – but beware, full spoilers lie ahead.

Does The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have Post-Credit Scenes?

Yes, there are two post-credit scenes in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. One appears as a mid-credit scene after the main cast and creatives are revealed, and the other comes after the full credits have rolled. Make sure you stay in your seats!

Breaking Down the Post-Credit Scenes

With spoiler warnings in place, let’s dive into the details of each scene.

  1. The mid-credit scene features a humorous twist on Bowser’s ‘Peaches’ song. After being defeated and shrunk by a Blue Mushroom, Bowser (voiced by Jack Black) is found playing his love ballad on a piano in a bird cage in the Mushroom Kingdom, guarded by two Toads. They tell him to keep the noise down, much to Bowser’s annoyance.
  2. The post-credit scene hints at something more significant. The camera takes us to Brooklyn’s underground pipes of 1-2, slowing down to reveal a pile of rubble from Bowser’s entry into the ‘real’ world. Among the debris, a white egg with green spots cracks open, and as the scene fades to black, we hear the familiar cry of “Yoshi!” It seems the beloved dinosaur has arrived.

Sequel Possibilities

Nothing is confirmed yet, but the post-credit scene suggests that plans for a sequel could be in motion. With Yoshi’s introduction, we might see a Super Mario Galaxy 2-style team-up between Mario and Yoshi, or even a storyline featuring Yoshi’s Island or dinosaur world in peril.

Numerous iconic Mario villains appeared at Bowser’s wedding, providing a wealth of potential antagonists for future films while the tiny Bowser remains captive. A sequel seems quite likely, but the success of this first movie at the box office will ultimately determine the chances of a follow-up.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything about the post-credit scenes in The Super Mario Bros. Movie and their implications for the franchise’s future. What did you think of these extra scenes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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