THE GOLD Release Date, Plot, Cast, Episode 1, UK (BBC ONE)

The Gold is a new crime heist drama on BBC One that looks like it will be a must-see in 2023. It was inspired by the “crime of the century” and the real events that happened after it.

The Gold is a true story based on the 1983 Brink’s-Mat robbery, in which £26 million worth of gold bullion was stolen. It is one of the most interesting crimes in recent British history.

With a script by Neil Forsyth (Guilt) and stars like Dominic Cooper and Hugh Bonneville in the cast, it has everything it needs to be a classic BBC show.

THE GOLD Release Date UK

Today, February 1, the BBC announced that The Gold will air on BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday, February 12, at 9 p.m.


Six armed men robbed a security warehouse near Heathrow airport on November 26, 1983. They were surprised to find 26 million pounds of gold. Detectives who worked on the case said that what started out as a classic robbery ended up being one of the most important crimes in the history of the United Kingdom, not just because of how big it was but also because of what it left behind. When that gold was turned into cash, it started an international money-laundering scheme that led to the arrest of a long list of criminals.

THE GOLD Release Date, Plot, Cast, Episode 1, UK (BBC ONE)

THE GOLD Episode 1 (To Be a King)

DCI Brian Boyce looks into what happened when six armed men stole £26 million worth of gold from the Brink’s-Mat.


  • Hugh Bonneville as DCI Brian Boyce
  • Jack Lowden as Kenneth Noye
  • Stefanie Martini
  • Emun Elliott
  • Sean Gilder as Neville Carter
  • Ellora Torchia
  • Paul Thornley as Max Goodman
  • Robyn Betteridge as Palmer Daughter
  • Sophia La Porta
  • Isabella Nefar
  • Christopher Goh as Sam (Bristol Bank Manager)
  • Anil Desai as Al
  • Lily Knight as Jackie McAvoy
  • Ian Pirie as Capitaine Seigrist
  • Sean Harris
  • Dominic Cooper
  • Tom Cullen
  • Charlotte Spencer
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