The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Recap (Pabu) (Disney+)

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: The 13th episode of Season 2 of The Bad Batch, called “Pabu,” is now available on Disney+ Hotstar. Dave Filoni is the person who makes the Star Wars animated series. Amanda Rose Munoz writes it, and Steward Lee is in charge of directing it. Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, ECho, and Crosshair are all played by Dee Bradley Baker. Omega is voiced by Michelle Ang. Andy Allo plays Lyana Hazard, Wanda Skyes plays Phee Geneoa, and Imari Williams plays Shep Hazard.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

In Episode 13 of Season 2 of The Bad Batch, Phee and Omega make a deal with some people for artefacts. Someone tries to kill her with a creature, but Hunter saves her. These men are fought by Wrecker, Hunter, and Omega. Tech is told to get the ship and get off the planet. On the ship, Phee says that Omega is a good fighter. She tells Hunter and Tech that she needs to learn more skills and make more friends her own age.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 13 Recap – Pabu (Disney+)

Cid talks to them because she didn’t finish her mission and cut ties with them. She tells Hunter and others that bad things will happen if they don’t do her missions. Phee is curious about what they will do next. She takes them to Pabu and shows them where the artefact will be kept, in the Archium. Treasures from all over the galaxy are kept in the Archium.

Shep Hazard, the mayor of Pabu, and Lyana, his young daughter, come to meet Phee. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Omega are the people Phee tells them about. Lyana tells Omega that Phee’s friends, even Cid, have never been here before. Shep tells the clones that everyone will eat dinner with them.

Shep gives Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech a tour of the village while Lyana shows Omega around. Phee tells them that the people who live in Pabu are refugees. Hunter asks Shep if he is worried that the Empire will find the location. Shep tells him that they live on a small island that is far away and doesn’t have many resources. But if the Empire finds out, they will be taken care of.

Moon-yos is a kind of animal that Lyana and Omega play with. Moon-yos were around before people lived on Pabu. Tech tells Wrecker and Hunter that Omega has never laughed this hard before. Shep tells Hunter that Pabu is the best place to raise a child in the world. Phee tells Hunter that he should give it some thought. Everyone eats dinner.

Lyana wants Omega to go with her on her boat to watch the sun go down. Hunter tells Omega to have fun when she asks him if she can go. Omega tells Lyana on the boat how she has spent most of her life near the ocean. But this place didn’t feel like it. She tells Lyana that her place was destroyed by the Empire. Lyana tells Omega that she is safe and can stay on their island with her friends. Omega tells the girl she just met that they never stay in one place for long. Omega is asked if she feels lonely by Lyana. Omega tells her that she’s never really given it much thought.

Hunter knows something isn’t right. All at once, everything starts to shake. Lyana tells Omega that it’s just a tremor, which happens all the time. Hunter calls Omega to see if she’s okay, and then the two of them head back to the shore. Shep explains to Hunter, Wreck, and Tech that the tremors are a normal part of life on the island. Hunter thinks it’s not over yet, though. There’s another strong quake that makes Mayor Shep and other people worry.

Tech lets everyone know that the island is no longer safe and could be hit by a big wave. Another tremor happens, and the sea level starts to go down. Hunter and some other people decide to tell the people of Lower Pabu about the threat. Lyana and Omega fight against the tide as it pulls them away from the shore. The two people decided to jump off the boat and swim to land. People can see a huge wave (Tsunami) coming towards Lower Pabu. Hunter saves the girls, and Tech and Phee help the people on the island by working together.

The people of Pabu were devastated the next day when they found out they had lost their homes. Omega, Wrecker, and Lyana are tired, so they lay down under a tree and go to sleep. Lower Pabu will be rebuilt, according to Mayor Shep. Hunter asks Shep if they can all help them by staying in Pabu. So does Shep.

Review of The Bad Batch, Season 2, Episode 13: Last Thoughts

In today’s episode, Hunter realises that not only does Omega deserve a normal life for a while, but so does he. Even though it was nice to see them not on a dangerous mission for once, it’s hard to tell where the story is going.

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