Still Time Ending Explained

Still Time Ending Explained: Edoardo Leo will play Dante, Barbara Ronchi will play Alice, Francesca Cavallin will play Francesca, and Mario Sgueglia will play Valerio. “”In this drama-comedy that jumps around in time, a workaholic who is always in a hurry wants life to slow down when he keeps moving forward a year every few hours.

Still Time Ending Explained

Why did Dante and Alice grow apart?

Still Time is a new Italian romantic comedy about a man named Dante, a workaholic. Even though he has a perfect relationship with Alice, who becomes his wife, he stops giving her the time she needs. On his 40th birthday, he wishes for more time in his life. Instead, he gets less time.

He starts to miss all the beautiful parts of life, like when Alice got pregnant with their daughter, whose name he doesn’t know. On one birthday, he realises he is having an affair with her coworker Francesca. No matter how hard he tries to hide it from his wife, Alice finds out and decides to move on with her life.

Was Dante able to stop travelling through time?

At the end of the Netflix movie, Dante realises that he missed out on all the good things in his life because he was so focused on work and success. On his birthday, he takes all of the 96 vacation days he has left from work and starts to live life to the fullest.

He makes the most of every moment to enjoy life and his loved ones, showing his family how much he cares and loves them. Alice even begins to like him more. Dante finds out the hard way how important time is, but he does figure it out by the end of the movie. He doesn’t get the time he’s already lost back, but he does get his normal life back, which he wanted to spend focusing on his family and his own happiness.

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