Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 Recap, Cast (Even Better Than the Real Thing)

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Tonight, March 16, 2023, a new episode of Season 6 of Station 19 called “Even Better Than the Real Thing” will air on ABC. We have a Station 19 recap for you below. The ABC synopsis for tonight’s Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 says, “A fire training simulation goes very wrong. Maya tries to make it up to Carina, and Bailey tells her to listen. In the meantime, Jack’s sister shows up at the station with a friend, an injury, and a bad attitude.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

In tonight’s episode of Station 19, Captain Beckett was in charge of a training session. It was his job to set up an obstacle course for two teams of firefighters who were competing against each other. He decided to ask an old probie for help with this job. Cooper was the guy’s name. He became a lieutenant.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

He says that Beckett was the best captain he ever had, so he was excited to work with him again. Before tonight, Cooper had no idea that Beckett drank. He didn’t know he worked for Beckett until someone else told him. The truth is that both Andy and Vic heard it. They asked Cooper how “Captain Breath Mint” made him feel. So, they tried to tell him to be careful around Beckett.

But all Cooper could remember was what Beckett looked like years ago. Before he had a drinking problem, or at least before it got bad enough to be a problem, he was like this. Cooper didn’t know what kind of person Beckett had become, so he defended him by saying that Beckett was the best captain he had ever worked for.

He probably thought it himself. Beckett wasn’t the jerk he usually was when he was with Cooper. He was pleasant. He was really nice to be around. He hadn’t stopped drinking either. He just started to be more careful about how much he drank.

In the meantime, Jack was in charge at the firehouse. Only him and Maya were there. Maya had to work at a desk. Jack was in charge of her, and he let her sneak away for a little while so she could bring Carina a lasagna. Maya was working on making her marriage better. She hoped that Carina would love her again after eating the lasagna.

Carina was the only one who didn’t want the lasagna. Bailey had to persuade her to do it. When Maya went back to the firehouse, she ran into Jack’s sister. On their motorcycle, both his sister and her friend had hurt themselves.

They had broken down. They couldn’t go to the hospital because they had eaten a candy before driving and might still be high. They thought that after a few hours, the drugs would be out of their bodies. Jack told them that they were wrong. He was also tough on Brooke’s friend Clara.

Her dad had given her that bike, but she had stolen it. She didn’t want him to find out she had taken it. She didn’t go to the hospital because she didn’t think he would notice all of her injuries. She fell asleep before she could get out of the firehouse.

Clara was hurt pretty badly. Brooke wasn’t really in a much better situation. They both needed to go to the hospital, and when Clara nearly died on them, Jack insisted on taking them there. When something went wrong with the obstacle course, they were on their way to the hospital. Cooper was hurt.

He lost consciousness. He had a bad cut on his head. Everyone could tell just by looking at him that he might die, so Beckett had him rushed to the hospital. Beckett drove his own car after the aide’s car. He left his team behind, but that was okay because Andy was in charge.

For now, station 19 was supposed to cover Station 88’s area of responsibility. Even though Beckett was drunk, he knew that sending Cooper’s team out as if nothing had happened would not help them and could put other people in danger. So, he told Andy to take care of their area. Andy and the rest of the team went back to the firehouse. She did her best to handle the situation but couldn’t stop some of her team members from getting angry. Theo himself said that Beckett was to blame for what had happened.

At the obstacle course, Theo almost confronted Beckett in front of everyone. Vic told him to be patient. Vic told him that everything has its place and time, and that Cooper’s team didn’t need to see all of that. Only Theo thought that they should tell Fire Chief Ross about Beckett after the whole thing.

On the other hand, Andy wanted to wait until an official investigation was done. She said that they didn’t know what had happened. She didn’t think it was fair to blame Beckett right away when he set up the course with Cooper. Cooper might be at fault in this case. Cooper later died at the hospital, but she didn’t change her story.

Theo thought that Beckett killed Cooper. He said that he put everyone in danger by drinking on the job. He asked Beckett to show him his water bottle or take a breathalyser to prove him wrong. Beckett was bad at both. He knew he had been drinking. They knew he’d been drinking.

He told Theo to back down or risk being suspended without pay. Beckett could have finally gotten help during that time, but he didn’t. He made his own people afraid. When no one was looking, he kept drinking. He hadn’t even noticed that Maya sneaked away because she accidentally gave her wife food poisoning.

Maya helped Carina feel better when she was sick. She risked her job to be there for her wife, but she doesn’t feel bad about it. For Jack’s part, he talked to Brooke again. He said he would be less critical if she stopped showing off her attitude. They decided to start over and hoped to take the first step towards becoming a real family.

Montgomery didn’t spend any time with his team or with Maya and Jack. He did a bunch of radio interviews instead. He was still running for Mayor, and the polls showed that he was doing well.

And since they had both had a long day, Andy decided to take a chance and kiss Eli.

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 10 Cast

  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera
  • Jason George as Ben Warren
  • Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan
  • Grey Damon as Jack Gibson
  • Barrett Doss as Victoria Hugues
  • Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery
  • Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop
  • Stefania Spampinato as Dr. Carina DeLuca
  • Carlos Miranda as Theo Ruiz
  • Josh Randall as Cpt Sean Beckett
  • Merle Dandridge as Fire Chief Natasha Ross
  • Pat Healy as Michael Dixon
  • Chloe Lanier as Clara
  • Johnny Wactor as Lt. Cooper
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