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Sofology Advert Actress 2021

On 24 May 2021 Sofology came with the new commercial with his new spoke person, she is the BAFTA and Golden Globe award, winner. Do you know who she is? First, let’s see Sofology told in his commercial. “bring imagination to life thank you Sofology feel at home on a sofa you love”.

Sofology Advert Actress Name 2021

Sofology Advert Actress 2021

She is an English actress Helena Bonham Carter, born on 26 May 1966 in Islington, London, England. Helena is two times nominated for the Academy Awards for the film “The Wings of the Dove” in 1997 in the category of the Best Actress and “The King’s Speech” in 2010 in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

She won the award of the “British Academy of Film and Television Arts” for the movie “The King’s Speech” in the category of “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” in the year 2010.

Helena Bonham Carter speech after winning the British Academy Award,

“Ah you know I’m so used to losing it’s quite a strange feeling to win but uh feels very nice but now I’ve children, if you’re watching it’s not about the winning ah so close nice, um I’m thrilled to be considered in the same category as my fellow supporting actresses and I’m not just sucking up um you’re all brilliant um my under skirt has got hitched up and this is not a good moment, I think I should thank the royal family Frankie because of the done wonders for my career um this year I seem to be playing Queens with ever-decreasing head sizes um next year will be pinheaded, Queen I’m okay I know I got to be succinct I need to thank I never really do any try and do this very fast first of all can I just say that I have fun and I love it and it’s my privilege to keep on working in this oversubscribed profession, and there are so many talented talented people out there who never get recognition so I’m incredibly lucky to get this and to get recognized and to get parts and to go out and make a living by getting dressed up and pretending to be somebody else for the day, and then getting paid lots of money, and then I get an award for it so it’s as good as it gets thank you I just say that I would love at the stages to walk off and said I did it all by myself just like my three years old but I didn’t I got a few people to thank I’ve got to thank all the producers it was all your, fault you started it and I’m Tom Hooper, thank you for not cutting me for giving me all my close-ups for making sure that the Queen Mother wasn’t totally eclipsed, by that between the brilliance the double brilliance of Jeffrey and Colin King Colin you deserve everything you’re getting and I’m Jeffrey you really should be the best-supporting actress I know wherever you are because you really did have only eyes for you oh and finally if I knew funny funny funny, oh the people to look after me melody, Curran brought Adam Isaac’s Shelley Browning I might never get this you know again summarize well just really strict, oh yeah so all of them ever done Nicky Van Gelder and then finally Tim Burton who is my genius and thank you for the big-headed Queen and thank you for well helping me make the 8th and 9th wonders of the world that are our children and then finally okay I’m really really getting that uh but if I we get all the awards in this profession there are many groups that go on some I want to just dedicate this to all the best supporting wise around in the world existing Queen Mother herself and my mom and there’s no doubt that where my father alive he would have given this to her she was the Best Supporting wife he could have ever wished for thank”

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