Sky High Season 1 Recap, Review

Sky High Season 1: Anyone who watched the Netflix movie “Sky High” in 2020 will know what to expect from “Sky High: The Series,” and not just because the title is so obvious. Some of the same actors and characters are in it, and it mostly fills the same need for simple action movies. The question of whether or not this property was worth keeping in the first place is a different one. If you liked the movie, the series gives you more of the same, but with a little more meat.

Sky High Season 1 Recap

In the first part of Episode 1 of Sky High, Rogelio’s gang tries to steal something but fails. Rogelio is the main character, and he sells more stolen goods than anyone else in Madrid. He is a smart businessman who rarely needs to store inventory because the deals are made before the goods are stolen.

He is in charge of Fernan, Tono Nando, Gitano, Motos, and Compi, who are all members of his gang. The first job is to steal high-quality hams that are worth about millions of dollars. Fernan, Motos, and Nando commit the robbery by stealing an Estrella Galacia truck. Gitano and Compi keep an eye on the police officers who work for the ham company while they rest in a diner.

While the three of them use the Estrella truck to break into the warehouse, Gitano gets ready a second truck to get away and parks it near the loading bay. They get the ham and leave, but Campi notices that the alarm is going off because someone broke in.

Even though they throw the expensive ham at the police cars that are chasing them, the thieves are caught. Antonio tells Rogelio about what went wrong last night. Rogelio has other things to worry about, like telling the buyer, who is now out of premium hams, about the hacked job.

Sole, who is Rogelio’s daughter and Angel’s widow, should bail out the thieves. Before Angel died, the thieves worked for him, but by setting them free, Sole has gone against her father and might want to become their leader. In this way, she wants to run her own gang of criminals.

Duque is a seasoned cop who has been looking for the gang for years, but they have always managed to get away. Duque has a man in the gang this time, though. That man is Fernan, and Duque tells Fernan that if he fails, the mole will have nothing to fall back on. He will lose, and he will have to go back to jail.

On Gran Via, Sole owns a gym clothes store called Decimas. Sole has been alone for a few months now. Angel killed herself, but no one really knows why. She goes to see where he is buried and has to raise their son Pablo by herself. Sole finds a number and a name in his own diary: “Excavations and Demolitions.”

Sole says at Pablo’s birthday party that she wants to work with Mercedes, a good lawyer who used to help her father Rogelio launder money. A few years ago, she was fired. Fernan goes to the house and pays some of the bail money back. Sole asks him to come in. Two of her friends, Yolanda and Candela are interested in him, but Sole is not.

Rogelio tries to tell Sole not to work with Mercedes or join Angel’s gang, but Sole says she wants to run this gang her way. She has enough money to move but can’t find anyone to help her. Does this mean that she is going against her father and becoming his enemy? Maybe not, but we can’t say for sure yet.

Rosa, who brings a pack of beers to the party, is someone Sole knows from his past. We can also see that she sometimes gives drugs to her friend Fita.

The next morning, Sole gives Mercedes the money to wash. Sole hasn’t paid her store’s rent on time, but Mercedes says she will help. She will also help grow the money by putting it into investments. Estrella calls Sole at night, but it turns out Rosa is on the other end. Estrella is dead, and Sole may have had something to do with it.

In a flashback, we see that Sole called Estrella when Duque arrested her after the Chinese businessmen said she stole their money. She wanted her to take the two bags of money that were hidden in a hotel, but the Chinese found the calls and killed Estrella. Rosa is Estrella’s cousin.

In the morning, Mercedes and Sole tell Duque about the threatening calls coming from Estrella’s phone. But Duque says the phone is gone because Estrella’s mother, who had it, died a few months ago. He tells Sole to stay away from Rogelio because Duque will catch up with him soon and put him in jail.

Sole tells Mercedes that what happened to Angel and Estrella makes her angry. The group does another hit job that night, this time at a jewellery store.

The real reason they are there is to steal a safe box, which is what Sole has told them to do. Even though the police try hard, they almost get away this time.

Sole makes a deal with a man to steal the plans to a place, while Fernan and Motos dress up as construction workers to steal a bulldozer.

Sky High Season 1 Review

In the first episode of the season, everything about Sky High seemed normal. Even though the story moves quickly, like most recent Spanish works, the plot seems to be limited. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems like the show is mostly about gang wars and fights within the groups.

Both insiders and outsiders are fighting for the balance of power. Asia Ortega seems like a great choice to play Sole, a girl who wants to leave her famous father’s shadow and make it on her own.

Both of the robberies we saw in this episode were poorly done. This lack of excitement comes from the fact that the heist scenes felt unrealistic and rushed, which was not a good start.

One also feels bad that the people who made the movie didn’t explain what the title meant in the context of the story. They might be able to catch up in the next few episodes. Unless that happens, there is no way to catch up.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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