Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 on Apple TV+ Release Date, Preview, Cast

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9: Shrinking is directed by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel. It’s about a therapist named Jimmy, played by Segel, who is dealing with a lot of grief and starts to break ethical rules by telling his patients what he really thinks. It’s no surprise that Jimmy’s truth bombs have a big effect on both his life and the lives of the patients.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 on Apple TV+ Release Date

Shrinking is a must-watch comedy-drama on Apple TV+. Season 1 started earlier this year, and episode 9 is coming out this Friday, March 17, at 12 a.m. ET.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

On the other hand, Jimmy talked to Grace, one of his patients, and told her that she should talk to her abusive ex-boyfriend. When Alice found out later that Jimmy and Gaby were having an affair and confronted them, they said they were sorry, but Jimmy made things worse by telling her too much. Alice then went to talk to Paul about how she felt. Since Paul had his own problems, he just told her to stop bothering Jimmy, and Alice stormed off. Jimmy was working out with Brian and Charlie when they decided to tell him he couldn’t be their wedding officiant. Jimmy didn’t listen to them because he was too excited about the wedding. When Brian went to Jimmy’s house that night to tell him the truth, Jimmy saw that both Alice and his car were gone.

Brian told Jimmy that he didn’t want him to be their wedding officiant. Then, the three of them scared Alice’s college boyfriend and took her home, where Jimmy was a father and gave her a punishment.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 Preview

In the last episode, Jimmy grounded Alice for two months. This will give her more time to focus on school and make plans for the future and time to rethink her life goals. Gaby will start dating to compete with Nico and his new girlfriend, and she may even think about dating Jimmy. On the other hand, Jimmy will be motivated by Paul’s words to make real changes and start working on himself to become a more caring and responsible parent.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 Cast

Jason Segel as Jimmy

Jessica Williams as Gaby

Luke Tennie as Sean

Michael Urie as Brian

Lukita Maxwell as Alice

Christa Miller as Liz

Harrison Ford as Paul

Adam Foster Ballard as Nico

Ryan Caltagirone as Dave

Neil Flynn as Raymond

Brian Howe

Devin Kawaoka as Charlie

Matt Knudsen as Steven

Ted McGinley as Derek

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