Scream 6’s Hayden Panettiere Pitched Her Own Franchise Return

Scream 6’s Hayden Panettiere Pitched Her Own Franchise Return: As excitement grows for her rematch with Ghostface, Hayden Panettiere of Scream 6 says that she told the film’s directors that she wanted to come back for another movie in the franchise. In Scream 4, which came out in 2011, the former star of “Heroes” played Kirby Reed, the best friend of Jill Roberts, who was played by Emma Roberts. In the last part of the movie, Jill was revealed to be one of the two killers, along with Rory Culkin’s character Charlie. Charlie stabbed Kirby and left her for dead, but 2022’s Scream had an Easter egg that proved she was still alive.

Hayden Panettiere went on Good Morning America to talk about Scream 6 and promote the next scary movie.

While thinking about her return to the popular slasher series, the actress said she pitched herself to Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin while they were making Scream in 2022. She said she hoped her character had survived her fight with Ghostface in Scream 4.

Kirby’s Scream Return: Everything We Know

Kirby’s return to the franchise was set up in 2022’s Scream, in which a video of her talking about how she survived to an unknown news outlet, but posted on the Bloody Disgusting YouTube channel, can be seen on a YouTube screen. Panettiere’s casting was announced right after it was confirmed that Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, and Jenna Ortega would all be back for Scream 6. However, producer Kevin Williamson said he had a hard time finding the actor because he literally couldn’t find him.

Most of the information about Kirby’s return in Scream 6 has been kept secret, and the marketing for the movie has also kept people guessing about how she fits into the story. Some reports say Panettiere’s character will be an FBI agent who works with Dermot Mulroney’s new detective character. However, some theories say she is just using her job as a cover to hide the fact that she is one of the new Ghostface killers.

Barrera, who recently got a lot of attention for her role as Billy Loomis’s daughter Sam, hinted that Scream 6 would mess with people’s expectations about which side Kirby would be on. This makes people wonder if Panetierre’s return to the franchise is hiding something more sinister. Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney Prescott, won’t be in the sequel, though, because she and the producers had a pay dispute. One can only hope that the film’s only legacy character lives and isn’t on the wrong side of the killings. Kirby’s return is almost here, as Scream 6 comes out in theatres on Friday.

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