Scorsese & DiCaprio’s Long-Awaited TV Show Loses Streaming Home

Scorsese & DiCaprio’s Long-Awaited TV Show Loses Streaming Home: The Devil in the White City, a show by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio that has been in the works for a long time, has lost its streaming home. This is another setback for the show. The Devil in the White City is based on the true story of H.H. Holmes, who was the first serial killer in the United States and killed his victims by setting traps in a hotel. It will also be about the architect Daniel H. Burnham, who built the hotel for the 1893 World’s Fair. Since 2010, Dicaprio has been adapting the same-named book by Erik Larson, and Scorsese joined the project in 2015. But the project has been set back more than once.

According to Deadline, The Devil in the White City has had another setback. The planned home for the limited series on Hulu has now been taken away. The series will have eight episodes, and Scorsese and DiCaprio will be the show’s executive producers. Even though The Devil in the White City wasn’t always meant to be a streaming show, it has had to change over the years it has been stuck in “development hell.” ABC Signature is now trying to find the series a new streaming home.

Will they ever make Devil in the White City?

Scorsese & DiCaprio's Long-Awaited TV Show Loses Streaming Home

The Devil in the White City is a big project that might have some budget issues because it is set in the past. For example, recreating the 1893 World’s Fair, which is a big part of the story, would cost a lot of money. Even though Scorsese and DiCaprio have been working on the project for more than a decade, it has had several setbacks. The plan was to make a movie with DiCaprio as H.H. Holmes and Scorsese as the director. But that idea was thrown out, and the project was changed to be a limited series.

When The Devil in the White City was made into a TV show, DiCaprio and Scorsese became executive producers. They wanted to find a different director and lead actor for the show. Keanu Reeves was involved in the project as the architect Burnham. In October 2022, he left the project. Also, Todd Field, who is up for an Oscar for Best Director for his work on Tár, was going to run the show before he quit shortly after Reeves.

Now that the planned streaming service for The Devil in the White City has been cancelled, the project is still going slowly and its future is unclear. Many people may think that a show with Scorsese and DiCaprio is a sure thing, but there have been enough problems with the series to worry any studio or streaming service. Many of the problems with the show may come down to differences in budget or ideas. But if Scorsese and DiCaprio keep pushing for The Devil in the White City, it will probably find a new home.

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