Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episode 4 (Something Real) (Apple TV+)

Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episode 4: In Episode 4 of Schmigadoon Season 2, titled “Something Real,” Josh and Mel find themselves heading back to their car, only to discover that the wheels are gone and their car is a mess. The narrator points out that Mel is in denial about how much fun she’s actually had in Schmicago, and now they’re stuck there. They realize that being acquitted for murder isn’t enough for them to leave – they need to figure this out for themselves.

Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episode 4 

Searching for Happiness

Josh and Mel believe that to leave Schmicago, they need to help the townspeople find happiness. They think that taking out Octavius will bring about a happy ending, but they haven’t figured out how yet. Instead, Mel believes that the key lies with Dooley the Butcher, and that if they can make him happy, it will spread to everyone else, including his daughter Jenny.

Reconnecting Jenny and Her Father

Mel’s attempt to discuss Jenny’s father with her doesn’t go well, as Jenny casually claims her father is dead. Josh decides they should try to bring some positivity into the situation by visiting Topher and his gang. However, Topher quits under the pressure of the story they create, and the spotlight turns to Josh, who sings a song about Jenny needing to talk to her father.

Finding Something Real

Jenny finds companionship in Topher, who opens up about his insecurities and how people seem to like the idea of him rather than who he truly is. Jenny shares her own insecurity about being on stage, and they find they have a genuine connection. The two share a kiss, which Melissa witnesses through their tent’s silhouette.

Cupid’s Arrow Strikes

Melissa believes that they should use Cupid’s arrow to make Dooley fall in love with Miss Coddwell, hoping this could be the key to making everyone happy. Josh and Mel set the two up for a meal, during which Dooley comically eats with his cleaver. Miss Coddwell invites Dooley up for a nightcap, where they discuss their individual struggles – Dooley with his butcher business and Coddwell with the orphans she takes care of.

A Twisted Agreement

Dooley and Miss Coddwell come to a dark and twisted agreement – they decide to kill the orphans and sell them as meat. Unaware of the gruesome plan, Melissa and Josh watch from afar and believe they’ve achieved their happy ending. Little do they know, they’re far from it.

Midway Point Reflections

As the season reaches its midway point, the pace slows down, and Episode 4 feels somewhat like filler. The characters move from one situation to the next, attempting to escape Schmicago after working so hard to get there. Their plan to make everyone happy is bound to backfire, especially given Dooley and Coddwell’s twisted agreement.

While not a bad episode, it lacks the gripping and engaging qualities of previous episodes, leaving viewers anticipating what will happen next as Josh and Mel’s quest for happiness in Schmicago continues.

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Escaping Schmigadoon

In the previous episode of Schmigadoon!, Josh and Mel were determined to escape the musical town of Schmigadoon. They believed that if they solved the murder mystery, they would be free to leave. The pair worked together, uncovering clues and unraveling the town’s secrets.

Murder Mystery Solved

Josh and Mel managed to solve the murder mystery, proving their innocence and getting acquitted. However, their efforts were not enough to grant them the freedom to leave Schmigadoon. They soon realized that they needed to dig deeper and address the underlying issues affecting the town and its inhabitants.

A Musical Journey

Throughout their journey, Josh and Mel encountered numerous challenges and found themselves immersed in the town’s musical culture. They met several unique characters, all of whom contributed to the overall story of Schmigadoon. Each character had their own set of problems, and Josh and Mel realized that their own happiness was interconnected with the happiness of the townspeople.

The story continues in Schmigadoon! Season 2 Episode 4, “Something Real,” where Josh and Mel must find a way to make everyone in Schmicago happy in order to finally escape. Their journey takes unexpected turns, leading them to form new relationships and uncover dark secrets, setting the stage for the next chapter in their adventures.

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