Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12 Recap Cast | Riverdale In the Fog Recap Cast


Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12: Percival is desperate to take the town over. The weather is causing all kinds of crazy in Riverdale. After uncovering what Percival has planned for the town Archie, Jughead, and Tabitha plan to instate their own. Percival catches on to their meeting and he and Alice use the weather to scare the town into staying home. Then Percival continues his master plan.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

Betty and Archie start Episode 12 off by being romantic. Which is a nice change for Riverdale. Betty is possibly pregnant. Betty opens up about what happened to her with the TBK. Which is groundbreaking for her to share her feelings with someone. Archie handles Bettiy’s emotional coming out perfectly.

They could never figure out if they were in a relationship or not but tonight’s episode made it clear that Betty could open up to Archie and Archie was more than willing to take on Betty’s emotional baggage. Jughead and Tabitha also have a romance going, but theirs is based on not whole truths and not talking to one another, so who knows how long it will last. Tabitha goes on about saving Jughead more than once. He is accepting of this fact.

Besides all of the intame conversations in this episode, the four superheroes are still trying to take down one Percival. The foursome is trying to get the town to stand behind them so they can overturn the council. Percival finds out about the foursome’s plan and has an attack ready and uses the weather to help him out.

There is a heavy fog rolling into Riverdale so they give the town a curfew to make sure everyone in the town stays safe. So lots of scenes where couples are stuck at home. Hence all of the romance. Archie has to tell Betty she has not been dismembered by the TBK. Although possibly one of them had been in her yard watching her.

Toni and Kevin discuss their custody battle and Kevin is determined to not have their son in the Serpant life. Toni threatens Kevin with some sexual secrets of his to get him to do as she asks. The fog prevents Kevin from making their dinner to discuss these things.

It turns out Moose has been living with his dad the Gargoyle king and he and Kevin start their romance. Kevin lets Fangs know he is not making dinner with Toni. Fangs is planning to see Kevin in court. As for couples Archie and Veronica break up. Penelope decides to become a nun. This episode is full of relationship craziness.

Cheryl knocks her mother out cold with a candle then she raises her mom’s temperature to try and kill her it seems. Cheryl then is pleading with Penelope to forgive her for the last time. She should reconsider since she is now a nun.

Jughead and Tabitha decide to keep Pop’s open with a generator and invite anyone in the town to take cover from the fog at Pops. Then they find out they had a council meeting despite the fog and Percival was elected Mayor. Tabitha makes the defeat seem worse when she spills her news of seeing them trying to defeat Percival over a thousand ways and only two of them worked.

Jughead is the one who has to stand up to Percival, but Jughead dies in every one of her playouts. It seems now that there is going to be a battle between Percival and Jughead, but they have already revealed that Jughead dies. Unless there is a Jughead surprise in store. We will have to wait and see how the battle plays out with more Riverdale in the future.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 12 Cast

K.J. Apa as Archie Andrews.
Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper.
Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge.
Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones.
Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom.
Casey Cott as Kevin Keller.
Mädchen Amick as Alice Cooper.
Vanessa Morgan as Toni Topaz.

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