Raya And The Last Dragon Film Review

Raya And The Last Dragon Film Review

Short Introduction

Today we are talking about Disney’s latest animation Raya And The Last Dragon humans and dragons used to live together in harmony but when sinister monsters known as the drone threaten their land the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity now it’s 500 years later and those same monsters are back and it’s up to the lone Princess Warrior Raya to track down the Last Dragon.

Trailer Of Film 

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Voice Cast

Southeast Asian Princess in the Disney Canon she’s voiced by Kelly Marie Tran and wow she has such a fun dynamic voice she has a pet named Tuck Tuck who’s kind of like this giant Chipmunk roly-poly bug type of creature super cute I mean I feel like that’s very classic Disney. The princess and her little buddy who helps her on her journey to find the Last Dragon Sisu voiced by Awkwafina and following like you know another classic Disney template this is a character who is a little bit goofier very optimistic the comedic relief in the story I’m gonna be real with you I’m not like the best dragon have you ever done like a group project but there’s like that one kid who didn’t pitch in as much but still ended up with the same grave and together they are working to save all of humanity from the dragon while I do think that this film follows a very like formulaic Disney setup I also think that there are so many amazing things that it brings to the table the animation is gorgeous it is stunning probably one of the most beautiful Disney animated films I think.

We’ve seen in a bit I think the voice acting is really solid and they really embody their characters another really big win in this project is the action the fight scenes oh my gosh they are so dynamic the tools that they’re using the weapons are very unique there’s a sword that kind of becomes a grappling hook-like they really added this very interesting sort of like technology to the weapons that they’re using that I think adds a lot to the movement of the fight sequences and of course the message here I think.


Disney always does such a great job with you know the overall messages that they’re trying to evoke to their audiences when the Dragons were still around Kumandra was a beautiful place of positivity and happiness and love and people were united and when they lost the dragons people started to separate they felt mistrust they didn’t believe in each other anymore and Kumandra was fractured this was such a very like emotional and also like kind of the personal story of trust and community and learning to forgive others the world’s broken, you can’t trust anyone maybe it’s broken because you don’t trust anyone also I think realizing that yeah you might have a big dragon on your side but also you don’t necessarily need that there’s like this power within yourself and within the ability to trust other people that is so important and that can help you achieve so much the story of a community, in general, you really see it playing out. As they go to the different areas of this once unified fictional country uh that has now been separated each place they land on they end up kind of making a friend and having them join the journey and I think that was just a smaller visual of them uniting people from different backgrounds seeing this unlikely like group come together and taking that step forward to be that change.

It was really inspiring and really empowering I definitely shed a couple of tears at the end seeing all of these people come together with people that had had different opinions, different backgrounds different, lifestyles realizing that like if you come together there’s so much more that we can do as a group and realizing that it’s not too late to do that it’s never too late to do that. When it comes down to it and the last Dragon is fun it’s action-packed it’s visually stunning and it has a beautiful message of trust and community.

How I Enjoy The Series

I really enjoyed Ryan the Last dragon and I definitely recommend it I think fans of Disney young and old will enjoy this project it’s not a musical which is a little bit of a rarity. I would say for a Disney project like this but I think it still works and even though it is a very formulaic kind of classic story I think it has a message that everyone is going to want to kind of have in their life right now if you like this then subscribe us with email for more latest series review.


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