Quantum Leap Reveals Ben’s Leaping Almost Caused World War 3

Quantum Leap Reveals Ben’s Leaping Almost Caused World War 3: In episode 14 of Quantum Leap, Ben Song almost caused World War III, which shows how dangerous time travel really is. The classic science-fiction TV show Quantum Leap has always had a strong sense of hope. This is because its main characters, played by Scott Bakula’s Sam Beckett and Raymond Lee’s Ben Song, are trying to make history right. They move from body to body to fix the timeline, stop personal tragedies from happening, and bend the arc of history towards redemption.

At first, episode 14 of NBC’s Quantum Leap seemed like just another example, though this one was a little closer to home than the others. Ben got to know about the family history of Addison Augustine, the woman he was going to marry (Caitlin Bassett). In Quantum Leap’s most recent time travel adventure, she had to fix a mistake her father made when he was in the U.S. Navy and didn’t answer a distress call. Ben’s plans to change the past almost led to World War III, which he found very scary.

In Episode 14 of Quantum Leap, Ben Song almost started World War III

Quantum Leap Reveals Ben's Leaping Almost Caused World War 3

The main problem is that Ben was making decisions with only some of the facts. At first, he thought Addison’s father, who was an XO on a warship doing naval exercises in the South China Sea, had ignored a distress call. In reality, Brandon Routh’s character, XO Alexander Augustine, was just covering up for the legendary captain, who was the one who made the call. Ben was able to show that the distress call was real, so the ship left the war games and went to help. Augustine looked up to the captain as a father figure, but the captain was very unstable.

Ben’s job was to change time in order to save the people on a sinking submarine. He soon found out, though, that this was not the worst possible timeline. Captain Drake wanted to fire on a Chinese submarine he thought was a threat, and they came very close to starting World War III. A real fight between an American warship and a Chinese submarine on the edge of Chinese waters, with the rest of the American fleet close by, would have turned nuclear very quickly. Ben was able to get XO Augustine to rebel, which stopped World War III.

Episode 14 of Quantum Leap shows just how dangerous travelling through time really is

Episode 14 of Quantum Leap shows in the clearest way yet how bad things can go when you try to change the past. Ben walks into a situation he knows nothing about. At first, he didn’t even know this was a naval exercise and not a real war. Quantum Leap has changed history in big ways before, but never like this. Ben’s lack of complete knowledge almost destroyed the whole world. If he and Addison had been just a little bit slower, they would not have been able to stop the nuclear end of the world.

There have been hints that the Quantum Leap project has a divine purpose. Scott Bakula’s character Sam Beckett thought he was working for God, and the end of the classic show made it clear that he was probably right. If that’s true, then Albert Einstein was wrong because God does play dice games. He bets that a small group of time travellers will figure out how to change the past for the better, even if it means putting their lives in danger. It’s even more dangerous because there are signs that the Quantum Leap project is hiding a secret that Ben is close to finding out. Quantum Leap is more dangerous than it looks.

Quantum Leap episodes air on NBC every Monday at 10 PM ET. The next day, episodes are only available to stream on Peacock.

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