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Outlander Season 6 Episode 8: People are out to harm Claire and have her punished for the death of Malva Christie. Richard Brown and his committee of Safety arrive to arrest Claire for murder. However, due to the rising political tensions in the colonies, Brown’s plan to find a judge for a trial does not go as expected.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

In the last episode of Outlander Malva is found dead with her throat cut and her body in the field by Claire’s house. Malva had a dream about the devil coming in the form of a man and stole her virginity.

She had told the whole community about this man in her dream. Tom and Allan suspect Claire of Malva’s murder. They hire a private investigator to find out who the murderer is. Kezih and Josiah help the investigator with the task.

Jamie demands they have a proper burial for Malva at the church cemetery.

The Beardsley twins are not easy to find, but Lizzie gives them some information that throws everyone off. She announces that she is pregnant by one of the twins, but does not know which one because she had been sleeping with both of them.

Jamie tells Lizzie how scandalous it is to have a baby and not be married. Lizzie wants to marry both of the Beardsley twins. Jamie does not even want to hear the insane idea. Lizzie, Josiah and Keziah go to Brianne and Roger’s home.

Where Roger handcuffs Lizzie to Josiah and Jamie is handcuffed to Keziah. Then Claire is arrested for the murder of Malva. Richard makes sure Claire gets arrested and plans on making her pay in full for the death of Malva. Jamie decides to protect Claire as her life depended on it.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 8 Recap

Richard Brown comes calling right out of the gate to make sure Claire pays for the murder of Malva. Jamie tries to tell Richard Brown and his Safety Committee he cannot have Claire. Lizzie is busy in the barn with one of the Beardsley twins when the commotion brings them out, but the two take off before they can be spotted by anyone.

One of the committee goes to the back of the house where he finds Claire with a rifle; she starts to hand it to the man when she shoots him instead with a pistol. Richard almost shoots Jamie, but Claire saves the life by a warning to the duck. They are up against a whole Safety Committee, but Claire is not giving up without a fight. She might end up dead before she surrenders to the committee.

Jamie said that Malva’s death was an excuse for Richard Brown to come calling on them. He has been out for the two of them for the murder of his brother. So Richard Brown had more than upholding the law on his mind; he was also out for revenge. So he would not care about shooting either one of them down. Instead, Richard waves the white flag of surrender while ordering the murdering witch out of the house. He promised Jamie no harm would come to Claire; they were only taking her to Salisbury for a trial. Jamie gave Richard an answer by shooting off his hand. The fight goes on well into the night when they are threatened to be burned out of the house.

Claire and Jamie take a few minutes to eat and start to wonder where their help might be. Why had nobody shown up yet to help them fight the Safety committee and Richard Brown?
Bree is upset her parents did not tell her about being a time traveler sooner.

So she and Roger are planning to tell Jemmy about their travels. Roger brings up the fact that Jemmy might blab about the time traveling to everyone because he is so young. Maybe they should wait a little longer for Jemmy to get a little older so everyone does not know. Then Roger and Bree are still trying to keep quiet from Jemmy but only because they are making love and don’t want to wake Jemmy with it.
Finally, Aldo shows up to help Jamie and Claire.

They are still asking Claire to come out of the house so nobody dies. Jamie and Claire go outside with their guns, while Jamie is yelling about Claire’s innocence and then say maybe he killed Mava. Jamie tells the committee Richard will kill Claire for revenge for his brother.

Then the committee decides to take them both to the trial. Tom volunteers to travel with Jamie and Claire to ensure their safety. Tom allows them to sleep in their own bed for the night and they would leave first thing in the morning. In the morning Claire and Jamie are loaded up with Tom in the wagon headed to Salisbury. Richard goes ahead and finds out the sheriff had quit so nobody in Salisbury could give a trial. They ride on to Wilimgton.

Richard’s Safety committee is getting tired of the long trip and they are starting to quit on Richard Brown and no longer want to travel with them. The people are throwing things at their wagon and calling Claire a witch. There is no way she will get a fair trial with the people treating her this way. Even Tom is about to quit the journey on Brown at this point.

Bree and Roger are sitting with Jemmy and discover lice all over his head. Then she notices the same mole Roger has and Roger assures her it will disappear. That Jemmy got it from him. The ending of Roger and Bree is with Bree cutting off Jemmy’s hair and Roger’s hair.

As for Jamie and Claire, they get tricked and separate Claire from Jamie. Claire begs Tom to go with Jamie back to the house but he stays with Claire until Wilmington. Something had happened there as the whole town was tattered. They take Claire to the Corrections facility and they put her in a cell. Finally, the saviors come in the form of Ian and Chief Bird-Who-Sings -In-The-Morning. They rescue Jamie and that is the ending of the season of Outlander.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 8 Cast

Caitríona Balfe as Claire Fraser
Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser
Sophie Skelton as Brianna Mackenzie
Richard Rankin as Roger Mackenzie
Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie
John Bell as Young Ian
Caitlin O’Ryan as Lizzie Wemyss
Chris Larkin as Richard Brown

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