One Piece Episode 1024 Release Date And Time

One Piece Episode 1024 Release Date And Time: Unlike the last episode, when One Piece Episode 1024 comes out, there will be no time off for the new episode.

Kozuki Oden, the most robust character in the One Piece universe and maybe the most beloved character from the Wano arc, appears to be returning in One Piece Episode 1024.

What’s more, is he returned or is this all a ploy by the enemies to get him? There are only a few thousand troops in the alliance compared to the tens of thousands on the opposing side.

In addition to giving our samurai and pirates battling for freedom a powerful friend, Oden’s inclusion could boost their morale even further.

Nevertheless, the question resurfaces: Was that really Kozuki Oden standing in front of the injured Akazaya members? We can only speculate about what might happen in One Piece Episode 1024 as we wait to release it.

In this post, we’ll do that. There will be a brief summary of One Piece Episode 1023 first.

One Piece Episode 1024 (What Will Happen In One Piece Episode 1024?)

Our alliance’s raid on Ongashima is finally going well. In One Piece Episode 1024, we can expect the same.

This episode of One Piece left Anime-only fans in awe of Kozuki Oden.

If that is Kozuki Oden, they’re always wondering if it really is. We can at least talk about it even if he is or isn’t.

‘Oden Appears!’ is the episode’s title. Confusion-stricken members of Akazaya If we look back at Oden’s event, we can conclude that the new Oden may be a fake based on the label and preview.

We were devastated to learn that Oden had succumbed to the effects of hot water after a heroic effort of over an hour. We also witnessed Oden being shot.

Because of the trauma, there is no possibility that Oden looks the same today as when the incident occurred.

Expect the new Oden to be false, and it might be none other than the Akazaya Kanjuro Kozumi traitor.

The Akazaya Samurai is a crucial part of the alliance and the raid on Onigashima; thus, he might be here cosplaying as Kozuki Oden and intending to slaughter the rest of them.

Meanwhile, in One Piece Episode 1024, the alliance’s membership will likely expand.

They will help us because our chopper saved the samurai and beast pirates.

There’s no guarantee that these things will happen in One Piece Episode 1024. We won’t know the destiny of our Akazya teammates until One Piece Episode 1024 is aired.

One Piece Episode 1024 Release Date And Time

Episode 1024 of One Piece will premiere on July 10, 2022. Episode 1024 of One Piece will be released at 09:30 p.m. Japanese Standard Time for fans in Japan (JST).

On Saturday, July 9, at 17:30 p.m. Pacific Time (PT), 18:30 p.m. Central Time (CT), and 20:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), this episode will be available to US viewers.

The 1024th episode of One Piece will be released in India at 06:00 hours on July 10, 2022 (IST).

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