New Amsterdam Season 3 Amazon Prime

New Amsterdam Season 3 Amazon Prime

The New Normal2nd March 2021
Essential Workers9th March 2021
Safe Enough16th March 2021
This Is All I Need23rd March 2021
Blood, Sweat & Tears30th March 2021
Why Not Yesterday6th April 2021
The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer13th April 2021
Catch20th April 2021
Disconnected27th April 2021
Radical4th May 2021
Pressure Drop11th May 2021
Things Fall Apart18th May 2021
Fight Time1st June 2021
Death Begins in Radiology8th June 2021

“New Amsterdam” has gradually become a Netflix phenomenon. The series premiered in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video, but like everything it touches, the streaming giant has turned the medical series into gold.

The arrival of the first two seasons on February 15 has kept fans interested in the episodes of season 3.

New Amsterdam is a medical drama set in the oldest public hospital in the United States, the Bellevue Hospital. This is in a bad time, with a bad reputation and little funding. However, everything changes with the arrival of the brilliant medical director Dr. Max Goodwin ( Ryan Eggold ), who everyone adores and who is known for not taking no for an answer.

Where to watch the ‘New Amsterdam’ season 3 premiere

A date for the premiere of season 3 on Amazon Prime Video has been announced, and season three has a total of 14 Episodes so far, first episode will be released on 2nd March 2021.

What we know about season 3 is that once again its director Max will be in charge of doing everything possible to avoid the closure of the center, which will be submerged between the emergency of Covid 19, as well as the debts and lack of budget that it afflicts them from the beginning.

But it will also be surprising to learn that one of his most beloved doctors like Vijay Kapoor, a renowned neurologist, will be in danger after catching this terrible disease that could compromise his life. Hence, the drama that this situation will generate further aggravates the environment and starts a series of unexpected situations.


Does Amazon Prime have New Amsterdam?

Yes, Amazon Prime has New Amsterdam released on 2nd March 2021.

How can I watch New Amsterdam Season 3 in the UK?

On July 21 at 9 Pm on Sky Witness, the first episode of New Amsterdam season three is confirmed.

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