NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Release Date, Preview, Cast, Recap (Unusual Suspects)

NCIS Season 20 Episode 15: After more than a decade of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, it’s easy to see why people watch weekly to see what their favourite agents are up to. Fans probably wonder when episode 15 of NCIS season 20 will come out since there was no new episode this week.

In the long run, the drama has entertained many people with its exciting plots and interesting characters.

Episode 10 of the CBS show “Too Many Cooks,” was one of the best parts of the last season. For the first time in the history of the NCIS franchise, characters from different NCIS shows came together in a thrilling crossover. The original NCIS team, NCIS: Hawai’i, and NCIS: Los Angeles all used their smarts during the three-hour event.

Surprisingly, the next episode of the most recent season will be the 450th one of the show. This episode will surely be memorable with such a long and successful run.

NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Release Date

The 15th episode of the 20th season of NCIS will air on the CBS Television Network on Monday, February 27, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT (8 pm Central). You can also stream the show on Paramount+.

NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Preview

This season is a big one, as shown by the crossover episodes. In the episode “Unusual Suspects,” the NCIS team looks into the death of a ride-share driver. The suspicious death, which was found after a car accident, leads the team down an interesting path.

Agent Parker (Gary Cole) was framed for murder at the start of the season, and the FBI was determined to catch him. Parker ran away quickly and trusted that his team would clear his name. In Season 20, the team tries to prove that Parker is innocent and goes about their daily lives.

Parker’s dad, who has been living with the agent for a short time, will help with the investigation in this episode. This episode should give us more information about Parker and how he feels about his father.

NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Cast

Cameron Wong as Tyler

NCIS Season 20 Episode 15 Recap

Tonight’s episode starts with the death of Petty Officer First Class Sam Vega, which seems to have been caused by a car crash. There was no sign that he tried to slow down or that he was wearing a seatbelt. When NCIS got involved, they thought at first that Sam might have tried to kill himself. Jimmy was the only one who could prove that wasn’t true when he found a hole in Sam’s neck. Sam had been dosed before his “accident”. Later, evidence showed that the pedal was pushed down with a brick, so this accident was actually murder. Sam had been murdered. At first, that was hard to believe because Sam didn’t seem to have any obvious enemies.

Sam seems to have stayed out of sight. He didn’t make enemies at work. He also worked as a ride-share driver on the side, so it’s likely he met someone dangerous after dropping someone off. NCIS did check his home, though. It had been broken into. Someone had written in blood the word “liar” on Sam’s wall. They also broke everything that could be broken in that apartment. NCIS tested the blood. It wasn’t Sam’s. It could have belonged to Lisa. Lisa was Sam’s ex-girlfriend. They recently broke up because of something Sam allegedly did. And right after they broke up, Lisa began sending him threatening texts.

Lisa was brought in by NCIS to talk to them. She said that the word “liar” was written in her own blood. She said she did that after she went to Sam’s apartment and she found herself alone with his laptop. Lisa was curious, so she looked through his emails until she found a few that were written to Marilyn. Sam wrote about missing Marilyn. He said that he was excited to see her. Lisa was angry because she hadn’t seen Sam much since he got back from his deployment, so she thought he was cheating on her.

Lisa, on the other hand, says she did not kill Sam. When she first talked to NCIS, she didn’t know he was dead. They had to tell her the bad news. But Lisa pointed the finger quickly. She began to say how much Sam loved her. She went so far as to say that Marilyn must have known that Sam would never leave her, so she killed him. Even though it seemed unlikely, NCIS had to take that into account. They looked into Marilyn and found out that she wasn’t cheating on Sam.

Marilyn was in her eighties and was a very old woman. She hired Sam to help her clean up her room at the retirement home. They met through the app Grand Bubby. Sam hadn’t told his girlfriend that he was doing odds jobs because then he would have to explain his online gambling. Sam was hooked on gambling. He was quickly going through a lot of money. He started doing odd jobs to help pay for them, but that wasn’t enough. Sam started Grand Bubby because the app was making it easier for young people to take advantage of older people.

The app connects young people with the elderly. Sam had at least four dates before he met Marilyn, and all of his old clients left him money in their wills. He also always chose the ones who had just been told they had a disease that would kill them. Its likes he knew which ones to rob. On top of that, they were paid $20 an hour to hang out with these people. He was stealing from them, and one of his victims’ families might have killed Sam because he hurt them.

The NCIS had doubts about the Grand Bubby app. The Grand Bubby app was set up at a certain retirement home, so Parker sent a spy there to find out what was going on. Parker sent in his dad, Roman. Roman was kicked out of his retirement home because he was too interested in women. He drove all the women in his old town crazy, so to keep the peace, they kicked him out. Roman was the only one who still had the charm. He went in wearing a wire and a comms piece. He quickly found women to flirt with and he was propositioned on day one by two different women.

Parker couldn’t take any more. He had Knight listen in on his dad while he led the way. He found out that Sam was talking to the Sunshine Pines director. He thought that must mean that the director was helping him, but that wasn’t the case at all. Sam might have taken money from the elderly, but he put that money back into the community. He paid for upgrades. He paid for them to take extra classes. Sam also made a lot of money on the side from his gambling problem, so he wasn’t stealing from anyone. He was a really nice person.

Marilyn wasn’t what she seemed to be. Marilyn’s late husband was an art thief. She would make friends with sailors on Grand Bubby and ask them to pick up packages for her because she knew that Customs wouldn’t check sailors. But Sam knew something wasn’t right. He knew that a picture’s frame was much older than the picture it held. He told Marilyn about it, and she had her lover kill him. All of this was found out when Torres went to see Marilyn because he thought the old lady might be sad without Sam and caught her trying to sell the painting.

After Marilyn and her boyfriend were arrested, Parker’s dad decided to live there full-time. The people there were nice to him. After Sam fixed it up, it was a great place to live, so Roman moved in. He was no longer in Parker’s way. And it made him appreciate Parker even more for taking him in, since not everyone’s kids were as nice as his.

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