My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Recap and Ending, Explained

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23: In “Deku vs. Class A,” the twenty-third episode of season 6 of “My Hero Academia,” Izuku’s friends try to show him how he has changed their lives and ask him to go back to U.A. High. But Deku keeps pushing them away, no matter how much they try to talk to him. Tenya and others are able to hold him back in the end. Bakugo gives an emotional speech in which he says he’s sorry for everything he’s done in the past. Here’s everything you need to know about how season 6 episode 23 of “My Hero Academia” ends.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Recap

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Recap

When U.A. High students find out where Izuku is, they gather right away to talk to him. But Deku has already decided what to do and won’t listen to what they say. As he tries to run away, Koda is one of the first people to tell him that the principal has guaranteed everyone’s safety and wants him to return to school. Sero, Jiro, and others try to catch Izuku, but he ignores them and runs away.

Fumikage, Kirishima, Shoji, and Momo finally get him to stay still for a few seconds, and then they talk to him for a short time. But their pleas don’t make much of a difference because Izuku gets out and runs away again. Later, Minero gets close to him, but Izuku is so fed up with being interrupted that he uses much of his energy to launch himself as fast as possible.

At this point, it seems almost impossible for Izuku’s friends to catch him again, but they don’t give up. Tenya catches him again thanks to how well Bakugo and Shoto work together, and he reminds him of his advice that heroes should be nosy. As soon as Ocacho turns off her power, the two start falling, and Kirishima is ready to catch them. Because of his help, they were able to land safely.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Ending: Does Izuku Return to U.A. High?

After Kirishima and the others restrain Izuku and land him safely on the ground, Bakugo can finally talk to his old friend. He reminded Deku of the time Shigaraki stabbed him because Deku had pushed him away. Bakugo then told Izuku not to try to take down the bad guy all by himself. Just like when Deku saved his life without doing anything special, Bakugo felt the same way as his body moved on its own.

Bakugo then says that when they were both young, he used to look down on All Might’s successor. He would feel better than Deku because he had inherited a more powerful quirk while Deku had none. Bakugo used to be mean to Deku, even though Deku always looked up to him and thought of him as a friend. He says he turned him down because he wanted to feel better about himself. But now that he knows better, he knows he was always the weaker one. Things also changed when they both went to U.A. High. Since then, Bakugo has only been able to see Izuku’s strengths and his own weaknesses.

Bakugo tells Izuku that he is sorry for everything he has done in the past. He then praises his childhood friend for everything he has done since taking over One for All. But he goes on to say that he is not perfect. Izuku can’t keep fighting evil in his current condition, so Bakugo asks him to let him and others take care of things when he can’t. He also says that they need to save the civilians and their city, which is in one of the worst crises, as soon as possible.

When Izuku hears Bakugo’s humble and kind request, he is shocked. At this point, he is so tired that he is about to fall on his face, but Bakugo saves him just in time. Izuku’s friends at U.A. High know that they have won, so they carry him back to school. The school’s security is top-notch, but the civilians inside protest when Izuku comes back because they know All for One is after him. As Izuku is about to leave again, Ochacho grabs his hand and tells him that she and the others won’t let him leave again.

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