Monster Hunter Rise: Xbox Early Access With New Zealand Release Time

Monster Hunter Rise will finally be available on Xbox Game Pass on a set date and time soon, but Microsoft players can get early access to MHR by using a typical New Zealand trick.

Monster Hunter Rise has been out on PC and Nintendo Switch since 2021, and more than five million copies and units have been sold. It’s a grand entry in the famous Capcom series, and it’s said to be easier for newcomers to understand than any other MH game while still feeling like MH.

Even though it comes out tomorrow for PlayStation and Xbox, Microsoft players who fly to New Zealand can hunt monsters a day early.

The Release Time Of Monster Hunter Rise In New Zealand

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on Xbox Game Pass in New Zealand starting at 00:00 NZDT on January 20.

This is equivalent to 3:00 PST, 6:00 EDT, and 11:00 GMT in the US and UK, respectively. You can see this for yourself if you sign in to your Xbox, change your location to New Zealand, and change your time to PST, EDT, and GMT while looking at MHR in the Microsoft store.

You can pre-order the game, but Microsoft’s January 2023 wave one blog post confirms that it will be included in Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost. It can even be put in by fans right now.

Fans in the US and UK can get early access to Monster Hunter Rise on January 19 by using the New Zealand release time trick available on Xbox.

  • Choose the Settings
  • Click System
  • Continue to Language and Place
  • Change where you are to New Zealand.
  • Reset Xbox console

There is also an NZ trick for PlayStation, but it isn’t worth it in the end. You’d have to make a separate NZ Profile and pay more to buy gift cards from PC Game Supply.

If fans follow the steps above, they should be able to play on Xbox from 3 a.m. PST, 6 a.m. EDT, and 11 a.m. GMT on January 19.

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