Letter to an Old Poet boygenius (Lyrics Meaning)

Letter to an Old Poet boygenius: “Letter to an Old Poet” by boygenius is a powerful exploration of self-worth and the journey to heal from a toxic relationship. The lyrics unravel the complexities of emotional vulnerability, confronting manipulation, and ultimately recognizing one’s own value. As the speaker navigates through various emotions, they gradually learn to embrace their strength and move towards personal growth and happiness.

Letter to an Old Poet boygenius Meaning

Recognition of Self-Worth

The first verse and pre-chorus convey a sense of vulnerability and a desire for validation from the other person. The speaker recognizes their own worth and qualities, but the other person’s critical remarks shake their self-esteem. Despite the negativity, they still express love for the person they’re addressing.

Dismantling the Illusion

In the chorus, the speaker confronts the other person’s manipulative behavior and acknowledges their own worth. They recognize that the other person is not special, but rather harmful and controlling. The speaker asserts their own strength and superiority, realizing they deserve better treatment.

A Path to Healing

The bridge presents the speaker’s desire for personal growth and happiness. They wish to move on from this toxic relationship and focus on their own well-being. By reminiscing about positive memories and experiences, they start healing and finding peace.

Anticipation of Change

In the outro, the speaker acknowledges that they haven’t fully processed their emotions or reached a state of closure. However, they are patiently waiting for the moment when they can truly move on from the relationship and embrace their newfound freedom.

Letter to an Old Poet boygenius Lyrics

I said I think that you’re special
You told me once that I’m selfish
And I kissed you hard
In the dark
In the closet

You said my music is mellow
Maybe I’m just exhausted
You think you’re a good person
Because you won’t punch me in the stomach

And I love you
I don’t know why
I just do

But you’re not special, you’re evil
You don’t get to tell me to calm down
You make me feel like an equal
But I’m better than you and you should know that by now

When you fell down the stairs
It looked like it hurt and I wasn’t sorry
I should’ve left you right there
With your hostages: my heart and my car keys

You don’t know me
I wanna be happy
I’m ready
To walk into my room without looking for you
I’ll go up to the top of our building
And remember my dog when I see the full moon

I can’t feel it yet
But I am waiting

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