Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8 Cast Review

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8 Cast Review

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8 Cast Review: The episode picks up right where it left off. Eve with a Machete at her neck. Instead of Villanelle riding in to rescue her, Eve handles it on her own hitting Gunn over the head with a rock and finishing her off with a leglock around her head, poking out her eyeballs, and then washing her blood from her hands. She didn’t need Villanell’s savings.

Then in an odd turn of events on a road trip to meet the Twelve at the Barn Swallow Pub, the same one Carolyn had plans to go to. The two begin a lovey-dovey road trip that does involve a kiss. Finally, the two of them have a romantic moment of kissing that leads you to think more is to come. If it was they did not show it. The road trip proved to be full of things couples do when they first meet and confess their feelings and have hearts in their eyes. While this was going on Hel’e’ne’s phone was sending her pings of the two’s location.

Carolyn seems genuinely affected by Konstantin’s death. She and Pam are the first to show up at the Barn Swallow Pub where Carolyn tells Eve about Konstantin’s death and for a moment you think reconciliation will happen but the two cannot seem to manage it. Pam walks away from Carolyn with a final goodbye.

Then things start to get really strange. Eve pretends to be a wedding officiant, so she can speak of her theory of romantic love. Telling the happy couple that the ways they came back together after whatever caused them to split were more defining than whatever caused them to split in the first place. While Eve is officiating the wedding Villanelle goes below deck to kill the Twelve.

Villanelle is killing them off with a champagne bucket stand. Then returns to the unaware wedding celebrating Eve happy to be free of the force that has controlled her life since she was a girl.

The two are standing there holding one another when Villanelle gets shot in the shoulder. They jump overboard but bullets keep landing on Villanelle her eyes closed and the tide washes her away as Eve watches her go.

We had to expect death with the episode being a finale right? With the happy romance in the air between the two you could have

I guessed something was going to keep them from that.

Eve is left in the dark screaming where none can hear her or answer her, but yells the question “what part of yourself can you bear?

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8 Cast

Sandra Oh. Eve Polastri.
Jodie Comer. Villanelle.
Fiona Shaw. Carolyn Martens.
Kim Bodnia. Konstantin Vasilev.
Sean Delaney. Kenny Stowton.
Kirby Howell-Baptiste. Elena Felton.
Owen McDonnell. Niko Polastri.
Luke Jennings.

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