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Kayak Commercial Actress 2021

Online travel agency and metasearch engine Kayak came with the new commercial in May 2021.

Two women finalize plans for vacation, and one of them booked a hotel through Kayak “I booked our hotel on a kayak“. Then the woman placed her tablet on the table where her friend preparing a meal for vacation and she says “it’s flexible if we need to cancel”. When the second woman heard the word “cancel”, she freezes and said “I haven’t been anywhere in over a year and nothing will stop me from vacation”, she told each word with emphasis and switch her target to the tablet from the steak.

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  1. I love this commercial. I wish I knew the actress’ name. Her delivery, facial expressions, and timing are absolutely perfect! Kudos to her for an awesome job!

  2. That Woman pounding that steak and then hits her p/c note book breaks the glass all up and then goes back to pounding the steak I hope she eats the steak by her self

  3. After she pounds the steak then she pounds the p/c note book witch is only about 1 foot away breaking the glass then goes back to pounding the steak I hope she is the only one eating it .

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