Kanye West New Girlfriend 2021

In the midst of the rumors of a romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson that has everyone waiting, it seems that his ex-partner Kanye West would also be giving himself a new opportunity in love, and that is that according to the site Page Six, the rapper would be starting a relationship with model Venetia.

Just a few days ago, he surprised his followers by declaring that Kim Kardashian was still his wife and that he wanted to continue with her and her children. Now the singer has a new plan for his life in which the socialite is not included, or so it seems. According to the news site, the two have been in contact for a while now.

Who Is Vinetria?

The 22-year-old gained attention after posting Instagram stories at the basketball game, and more details have since emerged about her rumored affair with West, or Ye, as she is now legally known.

She is signed by Public Image Management, a model management company with agencies in Montreal, New York, and Paris.

According to her modeling profile, Vinetria is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He also maintains a low profile on social media with few posts on his Instagram.

Kanye West New Girlfriend 2021

According to international media, last week, when Kanye conducted the interview with Drink Champs, where he referred to Kim Kardashian as his wife and in which he confessed his desire to maintain a loving relationship with the mother of his four children, he was also accompanied by Vinetria with whom she was also seen in Miami. The closeness of Kanye with the young model takes place while the press is filled with rumors that point to a romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, who were photographed, hand in hand, enjoying a visit to an amusement park in California.

After a few months ago he was related to Irina Shayk, Kanye again draws the attention of the press by being seen next to the spectacular model who, until now, had a low profile on social networks. In recent months, Vinetria’s activity on Instagram has attracted attention, due to the fact that it was deleting several snapshots to only leave 12 photos, which it currently has on its profile where it is followed by more than 390 thousand followers. Recently, the model was also very active on Twitter, where she wrote about the engagement of Kourtney Kardashian, Kanye’s ex-sister-in-law, with Travis Barker: “I’m so happy for Kourtney Kardashian” she wrote next to several crying emojis.

Kanye And Vinetria Seen Together First Time In Donda Academy

This weekend they were seen for the first time together in a basketball game of the debut of their Donda Academy in Minneapolis, so it seems that the relationship is serious, it is even said that Vinetria was in Miami when he recorded an interview a few years ago. days and that it went viral, a fact that we can confirm with a publication found on his Instagram profile.

This would be the second time that he was romantically linked to a woman, in the summer he was related to the model Irina Shayk, however, she herself declared that they were only friends. While for Kim this would be the first time that a new opportunity in love is given and although it has been denied that there is something with the comedian, the rumors are intensifying more and more.

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