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A new month and new title in the Netflix library. In fact, from October 1st, The Guilty is available, which in the USA had already made its debut in selected theaters on September 24th, and then moved on to the platform that acquired the distribution rights for about 30 million dollars.

The film, directed by Antoine Fuqua ( Training Day ) and adapted from NIC PIZZOLATTO ( True Detective ), is the remake of a star Striped Danish Den Skyldige 2018, distributed on the international market just like The Guilty – The Guilty ( review ). Original that he had been able to make people talk about himself, winning several awards during previews at festivals such as Sundance, Camerimage, Seattle, and Turin, in addition to being recognized as Best Foreign Film by the National Board Review. Written and directed by Gustav Möller who, in the hope of economic foresight, is now participating in the makeover as executive producer. The Guilty Netflix

The Guilty Is Based On

The Guilty is based on a captivating mechanism. A work that finds its narrative complexity in a simple, minimalist structure. A circumscribed, elementary setting, capable of generating a series of intricate emotional paths capable of bridging what the eyes do not actually see.

The Guilty Review

Due to the setting of the film, Jake Gyllenhaal – who plays Joe Bayler – holds the scene practically by himself. His character does not move from the emergency room switchboard: he certainly does not perform grandiose or impactful actions. Most of the time, he’s sitting on the phone. With such premises, Jake Gyllenhaal’s interpretation could have been boring. On the contrary, the well-known actor contributed significantly to heightening the tension throughout the story. His worried gaze, his initially reassuring way of speaking, and his contracted muscles herald a tragedy that he struggles to control. In addition, Gyllenhaal has been able to represent the darker and deeper sides of the protagonist. His acting, not at all theatrical, but always very moderate and introspective, fits well with Joe Bayler’s personality.

Filtered by a phone, the information that viewers have is misleading. The twists are numerous and keep the attention alive. In general, The Guilty shows with a note of bitterness the various ways in which the human brain thinks, even the most twisted and perverse ones. Others, on the other hand, are only indifferent. The viewer tends to identify with the protagonist Joe Bayler; the policeman – constantly filmed by the camera – seems to have no secrets… His character is certainly complex and some aspects of his past could have been devoted more time.

Overall, The Guilty has a classic thriller film structure. The story mode of the film is supported by excellent direction and pleasant photography, which manage to outline moments of tension. In some moments, there is almost a sense of claustrophobia. The voices we hear from Joe Baker’s phone are also distinctive and effective, as they allow viewers to get an idea of ​​the characters only through hearing.


The Guilty is a successful thriller film with lots of adrenaline and numerous twists. The particular narrative cut stimulates the imagination of the spectators and allows identification. The absence of action scenes and the choice of a setting that is always the same are compensated by a capable direction and the excellent interpretation of the leading actor.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Guilty Jake Gyllenhaal Netflix 2021

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