In His Shadow Ending Explained

In His Shadow Ending Explained : In His Shadow’s ending will tell us how Adama is able to stop Ibrahim and even get his sight back. In Le Roi des Ombres, two half-brothers have a hard time getting along with each other. Marc Fouchard wrote and directed the movie, and cinematographers Pierre-Yves Bastard and Fabrice Sébille brought the story to life on screen. It is made by Brahim Chioua, Vincent Maraval, and Olivier Thery Lapiney under the names BlueLight and Getaway Film.

In His Shadow Ending Explained

In His Shadow Ending Explained

In the 1980s, Ousmane and Agna moved to a suburb of Paris and opened their own restaurant because he wanted to work for himself. This is shown in the movie. At the time, Agna was pregnant with Ibrahim. Soon, Ibrahim grew up in the neighbourhood. But when he was a teenager, his father brought in a woman named Maimouna who was pregnant with Ousmane’s child, who turned out to be Adama.

When Ibrahim saw that his father was ignoring his mother, he started to hate Ousmane. He also decided to be on his own, but in all the wrong ways. Soon after Adama was born, Agna also had a daughter named Aissata. Both Adama and Aissata loved each other. But one day, when Adama saw his mother fighting with someone and was running to help her, he was hit by a truck and lost his sight.

Since Ibrahim was getting into drugs and crime, Ousmane also spent more time with Adama and spent less time with Ibrahim. So when he lost his sight, he asked Agna to leave, mostly because Maimouna thought she used a witch to put a spell on his child and because they lived in a small apartment and Adama needed space to get used to things.

This makes the family split up because Agna and Aissata move into an apartment that Ibrahim bought for them. Even though it was much bigger, he tried to get his father to move there, but his father didn’t want to do anything with the money he had made through crime. Over time, both brothers get older. Adama is better able to deal with everything, and he even wants to make music.

When Ibrahim finds out that his friend Malik is going out with Aissata, he beats him up and tells him to stay away from her. When Aissata goes to Adama to ask about her boyfriend, their father has a stroke while going down the stairs and dies. Now that he is gone, Ibrahim feels like he can do anything, even hide his illegal money in Adama’s apartment.

Even though they don’t want to deal with Ibrahim, they have to do what he says. But at night, people from the other gang broke into his house and killed his dog while trying to steal the money bags. Adama gives in to the witch’s request and asks for her help to stop Ibrahim after he loses his best friend and protector.

She does some ritual on him that slowly gives him back his sight. Even so, Adama tries to make things right by asking Eddy, the leader of the other gang, to return the money. Even though he was told no, Ibrahim’s men kidnapped him on the way back because they thought he might have worked with Eddy to steal the money.

He hits Adama and asks him where the money is, but he doesn’t get the answer he wants. He also gets his stepmother, Maimouna, in the same dungeon. Adama tells Maimouna that he can see again. When Ibrahim comes to check on them, they plan to get away by hitting him in the head. But when Agna heard that Adama had been taken, she went to save them and got hit in the head.

Adama and Maimouna ask Eddy for help. Eddy puts him up in a hotel, and Adama and Maimouna call Malik to tell him what they need. But when Aissata goes to her boyfriend’s house, she finds the same t-shirt worn by Adama. This makes her realise that Malik could be helping Adama, who put her mother in a coma. She tells Ibrahim, who has been looking for Adama like crazy, everything.

First, he takes Malik and cuts off one of his fingers so he can send it to Adama. When Eddy sees what’s going on, he tells the mother and son to go their own way. That’s when Adama makes a deal with him to give him all of Ibrahim’s project if he helps one last time. Adama makes a plan to create a blackout in Ibrahim’s building & throw out smoke bombs to block visibility.

First, he saves Malik, and then he climbs from the neighbor’s balcony to Ibrahim’s and tries to shoot him. But he gets caught by him, and that person starts beating Adama badly. He takes Ibrahim’s knife and stabs him to save himself. Aissata, who was locked in her room, also broke open her door when she heard all the noise. She found Ibrahim bleeding and soon out of breath.

At the same time, Eddy’s men attack the building and kill Ibrahim’s men. Adama comes up with a plan to save himself and the people who live there by calling the police, who then catch all of them. Adama put on his glasses and walked out of the building with his stick to get away from the chaos. Since the police knew him, they let him go because they don’t think a blind person would be involved in a gang war.

In His Shadow Cast

  • Kaaris as Ibrahim
  • Alassane Diong as Adama
  • Carl Malapa as Malik
  • Assa Sylla as Aïssata
  • Issaka Sawadogo as Ousmane
  • Hassam Ghancy as Chérif
  • Mareme N’Diaye as Maimouna
  • Tatiana Rojo as Agna
  • Jonas Dinal as Oumar
  • Mylène Wagram as Songolo
  • Josée Schuller as Madame Diop
  • Aksel Ustun as Anthony
  • Fahmi Guerbaa as Kamel
  • Thibault Cathalifaud as Tomtom
  • Anas Mennou as Colosse Bâtiment C
  • Edéa Darcque as Amie Agna 1
  • Hadidiatou Sakho as Amie Agna 2
  • Cheikh Oumar Sow as Adama (8ans)
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