Hunters Season 2 Episode 1 – 08 Recap, Ending Explain, Cast

Hunters Season 2 Episode 1 – 08 Recap: Over the years, many historians and writers have tried to imagine what would have happened at “The Trial of Adolf Hitler” if he had been tested for the war crimes he committed. In the last episode of Season 2 of Hunters, Hitler (Udo Kier) is given a “painfully” fair trial, and things seem to be going in his favour. The episode is set up almost like a psychological horror film. But the fact that we don’t trust the justice system makes it seem more real that someone like Adolf Hitler could get away with crimes that no one has ever done before. The filmmakers use this idea to its fullest.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 1 – 08 Recap

The end starts a few months after Hitler was caught. The news tells people that Hitler will be tried for his crimes against humanity in what is sure to be the trial of the century and maybe even the problem of the millennium. His dental records and fingerprints have confirmed Hitler’s identity, and a full investigation into how his death was faked is well underway. Only FBI agent Millie Morris has been named in the story, but everyone on Hunter’s team is somehow at the trial.

You are very wrong if you think this will be a simple, clear-cut trial. Hitler has a well-known lawyer, and his supporters are protesting outside the courtroom. Even the judge is shady and ties to the Nazis, which isn’t good. It looks like the Colonel and Travis (who seems to have survived the gunshots) are also planning something in secret. We also catch glimpses of Nazi foot soldiers setting up bombs, which adds to the overall tension.

The trial starts the same way it always does. People are being questioned, and the defendant, Benjamin Kramer, who looks nervous, keeps objecting to the way the prosecution is questioning people. From the beginning, Judge Mueller seems to be on Hitler’s side. He agrees with Kramer’s objections and tells prosecutor Oliver Frankel in private that he needs to prove Hitler’s crimes. It’s completely crazy, but it makes sense. Everyone, including Adolf Hitler, has the right to a fair trial.

Mindy Markowitz, who Carol Kane played, is one of the many survivors who testified in the case. This lets the show go into a lot of detail about how horrible war is. It’s unfortunate, and Hitler tells his lawyer to call her a liar and an exaggerator while cross-examining her. Kramer, thankfully, says no. There are rumours that Hitler will be questioned, and this is where the show takes a small step into the ridiculous, walking a thin line between serious and funny. Frankel says that if Hitler testifies, he will inspire a new generation of Nazis. On the other hand, Kramer thinks that if Hitler vows, he will give a proper defence, which the Nazis would never do.

Frankel talks to Hitler while he is on the stand. Hitler, of course, denies everything and says that he hasn’t been in hiding all these years; he’s just been on vacation. Hitler talks about the master race and how much he hates the Jewish people, but he doesn’t say anything that could be used against him. Frankel changes his plan and put Hitler in a tight spot. The Fuhrer says he did nothing wrong but thinks his followers are right to worship him. He gets confused by the contradictions and lets his anger get the best of him, so he admits everything.

Hitler is found guilty of all of his war crimes and sent to prison for the rest of his life. As the murderer is being arrested, he slips a cyanide pill into his mouth and is quickly taken away in an ambulance. Here, the Colonel’s plan starts to come together, and our Hunters get back together to stop this plan to get away. The other Hunters are in a car, and Jonah is following on a motorcycle. The driver shoots the other workers and takes Hitler to a place where he can’t be found. When the explosives from earlier are used to blow up a tunnel, the Hunters have to give up the chase, but Jonah keeps riding his bike.

Adolf sees his wife again in a place that is not known. She tells Travis to kill her husband right away and calls him an embarrassment. Travis changes his mind and shoots the Colonel instead. He asks Adolf to make him the new leader of the Nazi party and tells him that he has gained support while he is in prison. When Jonah follows the enemy up to a roof, they start shooting at each other. Joe comes to the rescue when Jonah gets shot and starts coughing up blood. Travis goes missing, so Hitler has to be arrested again. In prison, he is just called a number, which makes him even angrier. Some would say that it was a good way for him to die.

Hunters Season 2 Episode 1 – 08 Ending Explain

The ending is broken up by flashbacks that focus on Meyer’s story. Ruth and Meyer are looking for a Nazi named Heinz Richter in 1977. In a strange turn, Meyer calls Heinz to tell him that an attack is coming. He tells Heinz Ruth’s name and address, which pretty much seals Ruth’s fate. Meyer was the one who was responsible for Ruth’s death. Did he worry that she would figure out who he was and become paranoid, or did he have something else in mind?

We come back to the present, and it seems like everyone has a happy ending. Millie gets a gold medal from Congress, and Jonah gets married to Clara. Though Millie still feels bad about killing the Bishop, she admits to the crime. But they decide to ignore Millie’s confession because they want her to be seen as a hero. Jonah, on the other hand, is still afraid that he is a monster. Millie makes Jonah feel better, and Jonah does the same. Both of them have emotional wounds that need to be cared for.

Sister Harriet stops by Jonah’s house after the wedding and gives him a late gift. Inside are phone records from the toy shop owned by Heinz Richter. These things show that Meyer called Heinz on the day Ruth was killed. Jonah figures out that Meyer had told Heinz what was going on. He had almost given the order. Ruth had discovered that Meyer was the Wolf, which was why she died. When Jonah finally puts all the pieces together and figures out how and why his grandmother died, it’s a sad ending.

Even further from a happy ending is the very last scene. On their honeymoon, Jonah and Clara raise a glass to a new start, but Jonah starts to get distracted. He sees an old German man who is suspiciously looking at him. I don’t think Jonah will ever really feel safe again. Even though they killed the Nazis and put Hitler away for good, the Hunters only made more enemies. The show’s main idea is that the fight for justice is a bittersweet fight in which no one really wins.

Hunters Season 2 Cast

  • Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum
  • Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris
  • Lena Olin as The Colonel
  • Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz
  • Josh Radnor as Lonny Flash
  • Greg Austin as Travis Leich
  • Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones
  • Louis Ozawa as Joe Torrance
  • Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Chava Apfelbaum
  • Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman
  • Udo Kier as Adolf Hitler
  • Dylan Baker as Biff Simpson
  • Emily Rudd as Clara
  • Kate Orsini as Congresswoman Handelman
  • John Combs as Father Prentz
  • Allan Wasserman as Judge
  • Bjorn Johnson as Shop Owner

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