How Old Was Kylie Jenner When She Had Stormi

On 1st February 2018, Kylie Jenner gives birth to his daughter Stormi Webster. She was 20 years old when Kylie Jenner gave birth to his daughter.

Kylie has put her and her baby’s health first since stormy was born. In 2018 the young billionaire mom has enforced a number of strict rules these rules are made to be followed by everyone who comes into contact with stormy whether there a guest or nanny.

When they’re around her daughter absolutely no germs health is definitely a priority for Kylie and it’s resulted in her being a total germaphobe according to a source who spoke with Us Weekly.

Kylie’s devoted to keeping her little girl safe and happy in her private space, which means absolutely no cooties allowed many insiders reported that guests have to scrub their hands went around stormy, this practice started when stormy was just a newborn but we don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. When Kylie’s little girl was just a few weeks old she even provided medical masks for guests who wanted to see the baby, it makes sense since a newborn baby is very vulnerable to viruses and bacteria now that storm is a year old visitors don’t have to wear masks around her, but we’re sure Kylie is still strict
with cleanliness even with her high-profile celebrity guests.

Kylie is the queen of social media but, she has one strict rule when it comes to phones around Stormi they’re not allowed period this rule started when Kylie was secretly pregnant with Stormi and she actually caught a member of the staff trying to sneak photos of her growing belly since then guests aren’t allowed
to have their phones around store mean, it’s all part of making sure Stormi and Kylie have their privacy
momager to the entire Kardashian. Kris Jenner also stressed how bad it is for outsiders to be sneaky with their phones she said to have somebody in her own home trying to snap pictures they shouldn’t be snapping is really really stressful when visiting Kylie’s home, you’ll have to give your phone up to
security as protocol, super-tight guest list to protect her and Stormi from unwanted or untrustworthy visitors that can risk their safety and security. Kylie’s enforced this strict rule she has a super tight pre-approved list of guests, who are allowed in her home especially when Stormies around judging from the looks of who’s been to see, Stormi recently it’s only close friends and family on the list when Stormi was
born the first people to get a pic with her or Kendall Jenner former BFF Jordan Woods and Kylie’s great-grandmother MJ, the list is super selective in fact we’re not even sure if baby daddy Travis Scott’s friends and family members are on it, no unapproved photography or videos aside from no phones and a super-tight guest list.

Kylie’s also very strict with unauthorized photography and videos of storming notice, how no one besides Kylie and her family post anything of Stormi, that’s because Kylie is super strict with what the world can see regarding her daughter Kylie is very much aware of all the bullying that takes place on social media platforms negative comments can get pretty abusive and out of hand. Kylie wants to minimize that as much as possible so she checks every photo or video of Stormi media outlets and magazines are willing to give out big sums to anyone, who has insider information or pictures of Stormi pat-downs, and security checks getting into Kylie’s home to see Stormy, it’s a task tougher than getting out of maximum-security prison guests are required to subject themselves to pat-downs and checks by Kylie’s security.

According to OK Magazine guests are put through a metal detector and patted down by security Security’s gotten so tight, that there was even a time when Kylie’s guard didn’t let her into her own house
Kylie recounts the story on Snapchat, where when she pulled up to the gates of her home and said hey it’s Kylie Jenner the guard didn’t open up the gate just yet he asked are you with Kylie Jenner, forcing Kylie to reply oh no it’s the Kylie Jenner, Kylie wasn’t too fazed by it and even joked that it must be her ever-changing wigs that confused her security guards only healthy food in the house

Kylie is known among her Kardashian sisters for being able to eat anything, she shared with her fans at she indulges in pizza burgers and fries more often than her health-conscious sisters do, but since she had Stormi, Kylie is now more conscious about what she eats part of it was to lose the baby weight which she did in no time, the young makeup Mogul has her flat stomach and small waist again, Kylie’s been experimenting with vegan food and has confirmed that she cut out dairy pasta and pizza back when Jordan was her BFF and roommate, Kylie would also share the healthy meals they eat together on Instagram nannies must love dogs, it’s no secret that even before Kylie was obsessed with her little girl, she was a certified dog lover. Kylie has seven dogs that used to be the stars of her Instagram stories now the cheesehead Stormi, they’re making fewer appearances on the young mom’s social media but that doesn’t mean they’re not still a huge part of her life in fact when it comes to choosing nannies to help care for Stormi part of their job description is to also make sure the dogs are okay besides these dogs have their own air-conditioned luxury doghouse. If Kylie sends you to the doghouse for any mistakes at least you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep.

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