How Old Is Stephen Curry Daughter?

How Old Is Stephen Curry Daughter? Stephen Curry, the 34-year-old Golden State Warriors superstar, recently spent quality one-on-one time with his oldest daughter. Curry, a devoted father and NBA champion, took his 10½-year-old daughter, Riley, to watch Stanford University’s women’s basketball team play against the University of Southern California. The pair cheered on Curry’s godsister, Cameron Brink, who broke the team record for the number of blocks in a season during the game.

How Old Is Stephen Curry Daughter?

Stephen Curry’s daughter, Riley Curry, is growing up fast and making quite the impression. At 10½ years old, Riley recently accompanied her NBA superstar father to a college basketball game where they cheered on Stephen’s godsister. Fans marveled at the mature and stylish tween, who sported long braids and a pink tie-dye hoodie. As the oldest of the Curry siblings, including Ryan, 7, and Canon, 4, Riley is an integral part of this close-knit family. Her father cherishes every moment spent with her, including celebrating her 10th birthday with a heartfelt message and a special gift.

Riley Curry: Tween Fashionista

Fans who caught glimpses of Riley during the game marveled at her grown-up appearance. The young Curry daughter showcased her unique style, wearing her hair in long braids and sporting a pink tie-dye hoodie. Her fashion choices and maturity left a lasting impression on those in attendance.

The Curry Family: A Close-Knit Clan

Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry, are proud parents of three children – Riley, 10½, Ryan, 7, and Canon, 4. The family is known for sharing glimpses of their life on social media, showcasing their strong bond and love.

Riley’s 10th Birthday Celebration

In July, Stephen Curry expressed his sentimental side while celebrating Riley’s 10th birthday. He shared a heartfelt message on social media, requesting his oldest daughter to stop growing up so fast. To mark the occasion, Curry surprised Riley with a pair of sneakers from his own shoe line. The birthday girl was caught off guard by the thoughtful gift and shared a light-hearted moment with her dad while admiring the new kicks.

Stephen Curry: More Than Just a Basketball Star

In an interview with E! News at the Sportsperson of the Year Awards, Curry spoke about his relationship with his children. When asked if his kids were as impressed by him as others, he responded that they probably were, but for different reasons. Curry noted that his children enjoy the festivities of celebrating championships but, at home, he is just Dad – and that’s the best part about it.

To sum up, Stephen Curry’s oldest daughter, Riley, is growing up fast and is currently 10½ years old. The Curry family enjoys spending time together, and Riley’s recent 10th birthday was a heartwarming reminder of the love and support that this NBA star provides for his family.

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