How Old Is Serena Williams Daughter?

Serena Williams’s daughter was born on 1st September 2017, her name is Qai Qai. Qai Qai became popular in 2018 on social media with many pictures of her with a digitized and animated face.

Williams was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, she gets her name Qai Qai from William’s nephew. The most interesting thing is that the Qai Qai doll being sold on Amazon since October 2020.

Qai Qai Doll

Serena Williams one-year-old daughter has brought her doll along to the Australian Open and after that, the Internet is going crazy for Quake, the way today a classy gesture by American superstar Serena Williams at the Australian open consoling her young opponent after a dominating win Australia has been good
to Serena.

Two years ago she won the open while hiding a big secret she was pregnant with her daughter Olympia, she’s back Olympia and her husband Alexis Ohanian in tow, and while Serena’s in the spotlight it’s her daughter’s doll Qai.

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