How Much Weight Did Rebel Wilson Lose?

After her year of health, Rebel Wilson is facing a new challenge “you gotta keep hustling guys” the 41 year
the old actress discussed her successful 60-pound weight loss journey on Good Morning America and detailed the struggle she now faces. “Now the challenge is to keep it off I’ve never succeeded in my life I’ve lost a bit of weight here and there but never kept it off” while the comedian was on a mission in 2020 to change her lifestyle and prioritize health she explained how emotional eating is still something she battles with, “from the nutrition from the exercising to working on my emotional eating which anybody who knows me knows is my real advice like seeing all the easter eggs out there right now I’m like, oh um, it’s it’s crazy, it’s driving me crazy”.

Despite the new challenges she faces Wilson is very focused and motivated on the positives of her journey, “I’m loving it and I’m really proud of myself for being able in such a difficult year to, um to do a whole life transformation”.

Last year Rebel shared her story on Instagram live revealing that she reached her 165-pound goal weight
and the real reason she took steps to center 2020 on health, the goal was never to be skinny it was um,
it was never to fit into a certain dress size, I put a goal weight on there because you know I needed some tangible thing but I am really glad that I did it because I think it was a time like I’d been overweight for about 20 years”.

Just before her year of health Rebel explained to how working on the set of cats caused some unexpected weight loss, “I lost eight pounds shooting my number in four days one because of yeah there’s a lot of physicalities when you see the film um, but also they heated up the set very hot to almost 100 Fahrenheit, why um, so that we could never cool down because for dancers these people are like the best dancers in the whole world so they can’t cool their muscles down they could get an injury, so they would heat up the set like a sauna so we would never cool down but it made it pretty uncomfortable.”

The Australian Actress also revealed an unconventional workout she invented, “well I did invent something called cats the size uh on my Instagram yeah because, for my birthday, my friend surprised me with a dance class two caps great way to burn calories guys dancing around as a cat bloody brilliant get into it.”