How Much Money Does Kylie Jenner Have?

When it comes to Hollywood families and social media influencers only a few can come close to the Kardashian Jenner Clan not only are these ladies reality tv stars that dominate our television screens, but the sisters are also very successful businesswomen.

From Kim and Kylie dominating the beauty world with KKW beauty and Kylie cosmetics to Chloe’s good American fashion line, it’s safe to say that these millionaire sisters know the secret to success.

Speaking of kylie and her makeup company in 2018 Forbes magazine named the member of the Kardashian Jenner dynasty the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, and while the entire fandom celebrated Kylie’s big title, an accomplishment her billionaire status didn’t last for too long.

In 2020 two years after giving Jenner her title, Forbes magazine published an article that exposed the reality tv stars from denying her billionaire status to calling out Kris Jenner and her conspiracy theories. Why she’s no longer a billionaire? As you can imagine even the title set off thousands of people including the Kardashian Jenner sisters, the article started off by explaining, why Kylie was considered to be a
billionaire in the first place and how tax reports and official documents revealed the actual truth.

Kylie Jenner isn’t a billionaire she’s a millionaire worth around 600 to 700 million give or takes, so let’s take a look at how Forbes accused stormy’s mom and her entire pr team of lying about her net worth and so-called billion-dollar company in 2019.

After Kylie was named the youngest self-made billionaire the Kuwtk Star Sold 51 percent of her company shares to Cody, meaning that the bulk of Kylie Cosmetics was now in the hands of a billion-dollar conglomerate and Kylie no longer owned the majority of her makeup brand. When this decision was made Kylie sold 51 of her company for 600 million, meaning that the entire Kylie cosmetics brand would be worth around 1.2 billion and that’s what Forbes thought as well.

It wasn’t until the magazine publication started to dig deeper into the issue that they came across a huge discrepancy, what Kylie and Kris Jenner have been reporting in numbers didn’t add up in official documents and tax returns, Adamant to put Kylie Jenner on the map as a beauty influencer and CEO the momager and gender communications tampered with the tax returns forms putting bigger numbers and larger profit revenues in the documents, the magazine publication explains how the expected revenues of the company simply did not match the numbers Jenner had handed over to put in simple terms Kylie wasn’t making as much or worth as much as she let Forbes believe.

And here is where the story gets really juicy Forbes also stumbled on one important part of the secret equation, they realized that Kylie cosmetics was never only Kylie’s Kris Jenner was named as the other owner and founder of the makeup brand, here is what Forbes wrote in the expose article “for years the Jenners insisted that all of those profits went directly to Kylie because she owned the business outright, but Cody’s purchase agreement specifically lists a KMJ 2018 irrevocable trust controlled by Kristen M Jenner as owning a profit interest in Kylie cosmetics.”

The Jenners initially told Forbes that the trust holds money kylie Jenner earned before she turned 18 and that Kylie is his beneficiary but the trust appears to have been created well after Kylie turned 18 and the Jenner has declined to offer any proof to back up their claims given the lack of clarity and the history of lies we’re airing on the side of caution and assuming that the trust belongs to Kris Jenner, that means Kylie Jenner owns an estimated 44.1 percent of Kylie cosmetics.

Rather than 49 with this explanation forge alleges that stormy’s mom doesn’t own 49 but a bit less meaning her net worth wouldn’t be around 900 million, but around 700 million, and here’s how they tried to prove that Jenner was never a true billionaire.

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