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How Does Scott Disick Make Money?

Scott Disick is worth more than 13 million dollars and that was after he married one of the Kardashians.
You might remember Scott Disick’s pipe game for doing Steph Curry numbers all the time he dropped 15 racks in a sneaker store born and raised in New York. Scott Disick had quite a comfortable upbringing as an only child in the family his taste for expensive clothes and toys began very early in life growing up, Scott became heavily devoted to snowboarding but never really took the sport seriously.

Scott Disick attended a private school in East Hampton by the name of Ross School where, he was known for slanging more dick than Bill Cosby using his Ken Barbie’s style looks to his advantage, he spent much of his time partying along with piping down seniors instead of studying following graduation, he jumped started his modeling career by appearing on scholastic books and numerous other publications.

However at the age of 23 after meeting Kourtney Kardashian his life completely changed, 12 months later when his girlfriend’s sister decided to record a film for the whole world the entire family received a reality TV show and Scott has been making regular appearances since the very first season he’s not giving a type of attitude along with the sarcastic humor, has been one of the key elements for Scott’s longevity in the TV series with over 11 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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