How Did Epiphany from General Hospital Die? | Epiphany Johnson Cause Of Death

How Did Epiphany from General Hospital Die? Sonya Eddy, best known for her role as head nurse Epiphany Johnson on General Hospital, passed away in December 2022 at 55 after experiencing complications from a non-emergency surgery. Three months after her death, her costars have honored her memory in a special episode airing on the show’s 60th anniversary.

Remembering Sonya Eddy

Eddy’s castmates shared heartfelt memories of her in a segment for ABC News. Maurice Benard described her as “joy,” while Kirsten Storms recalled her as “one of the most positive people” she had ever met. Lynn Herring dubbed Eddy as “a spark of joy,” and Donnell Turner emphasized her “big spirit and light.”

A Pillar of Support

Rebecca Herbst mentioned that Eddy was not only the head nurse of General Hospital but also a supportive figure in their personal lives. Finola Hughes praised her mix of humor and strength, and Kirsten Storms shared how Eddy would always hug her after learning that she gave good hugs.

Mourning the Loss

Announcing Eddy’s death, Octavia Spencer called her “a creative angel” whose fans would miss her dearly. Frank Valentini, an executive producer for General Hospital, expressed his heartbreak and emphasized how her spirit and light would live on in the show and their set.

Honoring Sonya Eddy and Epiphany

General Hospital has invited Yvette Nicole Brown, a close friend of Eddy, to appear in the special tribute episode. Brown spoke to TV Insider about her involvement and expressed appreciation for the show’s decision to pay tribute to both Sonya Eddy and her character, Epiphany Johnson, through the episode.

How Did Epiphany from General Hospital Die?

Epiphany Johnson, the character played by Sonya Eddy in General Hospital, died as a result of the real-life passing of the actress. Sonya Eddy passed away in December 2022 at the age of 55 due to complications from a non-emergency surgery. In response to her death, the show chose to honor both Sonya Eddy and her character Epiphany in a special tribute episode.

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