How did Chelsea Lazkani end up joining the cast of Selling Sunset?

How did Chelsea Lazkani end up joining the cast of Selling Sunset?: In the latest season of Netflix’s popular reality show “Selling Sunset,” the Oppenheim Group welcomes a fresh face to its star-studded cast. Chelsea Lazkani, a wife, mother, and seasoned luxury realtor with five years of industry experience, is the first British member to join the glamorous ensemble. But how did Chelsea Lazkani end up joining the cast of Selling Sunset?

Chelsea’s Entry into the Opulent World of Selling Sunset

Lazkani’s journey to Selling Sunset began in a family deeply rooted in real estate. Her father, London-based architect and property developer Segun Adefioye, and her mother, Elizabeth Adefioye, an executive at engineering company Emerson, played significant roles in cultivating her interest in the field.

Unlike some of her co-stars on Selling Sunset, like Chrishell Stause and Vanessa Villela, who have backgrounds in soap operas, Lazkani took a more academic route. She obtained a BA in economics from the University of Buckingham and a master’s degree in oil and gas economics from the University of Dundee, before immersing herself in real estate.

Chelsea’s Career and Personal Life Before Selling Sunset

Before her time at the Oppenheim Group, Chelsea worked at Rodeo Reality, another real estate firm with ties to reality TV, as featured in Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Her real estate career quickly took off, with her first-year sales at Oppenheim exceeding $10 million.

In her personal life, Chelsea is married to Jeff Lazkani, a managing partner of a media agency. Jeff played a pivotal role in her transition to Selling Sunset, as he was the one to introduce her to Jason Oppenheim. Together, they are parents to two children, Maddox and Melia.

Chelsea’s Vision and Aspirations for Selling Sunset

As Chelsea prepared for her debut in season 5 of Selling Sunset, she expressed her aspirations to inspire fellow Black women in an industry where they are underrepresented. In an interview, she revealed her desire to open doors, educate, mentor, and uplift Black women in the luxury sector of real estate.

In terms of her relationship with the existing cast of Selling Sunset, Chelsea confessed that she did not know any of the girls before joining the show. However, she quickly formed bonds with them, expressing her fondness for Christine Quinn, her unique connection with Emma, and her high regard for Chrishell.

In conclusion, Chelsea Lazkani’s addition to the cast of Selling Sunset promises a fresh and diverse perspective to the reality show. Her unique background, academic prowess, and vision for inclusivity are set to breathe new life into the exciting world of luxury real estate on Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

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