Hermitcraft RECAP – Season 9 Week 70 🎮🏰

  1. 💥The Ultimate Prank War – This week on Hermitcraft, pranks escalated to the next level. From armies of chickens flooding bases to entire structures being blown up, it was a chaotic week for our favorite Hermits!
  2. 🎧Boombox Records and Royal Exhibits – Rendog started the construction of Boombox records. He also visited Cubfan’s and ZombiCleo’s museums, leading to a trip down memory lane and the eventual donation of the actual Dog King’s crown to Cleo.
  3. 🐫Camel Nappers and Sniffers – From the deserts to the depths of the sea, Hermits ventured far and wide in search of unique creatures. They discovered that camels can walk over fences and sniffers are surprisingly adorable!
  4. 💥The Big Explosion – Mumbo Jumbo had a major change of heart about his base design. Instead of doing the demolition himself, he offered an enticing 64 diamond blocks to any Hermit willing to blow up his base. Guess who took up the offer? Good Times With Scar!
  5. 🐔Chicken Bomb and Dragon Eggs – Grian and Scar unleashed a Chicken Bomb on Doc M, resulting in a feathery fiasco. In a swift act of revenge, Doc duplicated and scattered dragon eggs all over the Buttercups’ bases.
  6. 🔚The End of Week 70 – A week of pranks, hilarious mishaps, grand exhibits, and unexpected surprises drew to a close. Hermits bid goodbye to Week 70, eagerly anticipating the adventures of the next!

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