For Honor Update 2.36.2 Patch For June 23 & Server Maintenance Today

For Honor Update 2.36.2 Patch For June 23 & Server Maintenance Today: Ubisoft revealed a comprehensive server maintenance schedule for For Honor’s upcoming update on June 23, which includes changes to the Conqueror Hero and bug fixes.

The fix for today will go live just before 10 AM ET; however, the game’s servers will be shut down first.

In this section, you can find all the newest For Honor news, including downtime schedule and patch notes.

For Honor Update 2.36.2 Patch For June 23 & Server Maintenance Today

Honor’s servers will be down for a brief period on Thursday, June 23, for server maintenance, according to the game’s official Twitter account.

As a result, the 2.36.2 update will be made available to all platforms that currently support it.

PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users will be affected during today’s maintenance. It will begin at 9AM ET / 1PM UTC.

A 45-minute outage is planned, although it could be cut or prolonged by the programmers if necessary.

Once the latest patch has been downloaded, players will be asked to restart the game.

This article has been updated with complete patch notes for the For Honor update that went live on June 23.

Developer’s Comment

Although the hero could defend well, he lacked offensive outside Shield Bash. Thus we’ve worked to improve Conqueror’s utility in one-on-one and group fights.

Using Conqueror’s Full Block Stance, which was only available from specific states, drained Conqueror’s stamina while blocking and provided Conqueror less Revenge when blocking strikes, which was challenging.

We’ve improved the follow-ups and made a move more valuable as a recovery cancel to catch opponents using dodge attacks. We’ve also included new ways to use it (group fight or 1v1).

With the help of Testing Grounds, Flail Uppercut has found its way back to the Heavy button.

To provide Conqueror a better follow-up to Shield Bashes (both from Dodge and in Chains), it is now also available after performing Shield Bash.

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