Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: The eighth episode of Echo 3, called “Family Matters,” was written by Zach Craley and Mark Boal. Mark Boal directed it. It shows more about the characters’ families than the previous episodes of Echo 3, which were mainly about the rescue mission. This episode is mostly about the family problems that these people have.

Special ops soldiers Bambi (Luke Evans) and Prince (Michiel Huisman) hire local South American mercenaries to carry out a raid on the prison where Bambi’s sister and Prince’s wife, Amber (Jessica Ann Collins), is waiting to be executed. They did this after wasting the first few episodes on a failed plan to save hostages.

Here is everything you need to know about how Echo 3 Episode 8 ended, in case you missed any of the action.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The first part of the episode occurs at the camp where Amber is being held. But now she is tied to a pole with both arms connected to it. This is very different now that Prince/Bambi has Momo.

Next, Momo goes home to Tariq, and he gets angry with him about what happened. Tariq says he did everything he could and played his cards right so they didn’t kill him. Then Momo tells him that the American is innocent and that he should let her go.

We go back to Amber, who is losing it a bit and having flashbacks. Amber sees everything, from her childhood to her training to playing with a dog, because she is tied down and can’t do anything.

We also see a flashback to when she and Bambi were kids, and he had to kill their father by shooting him with a gun. You start to worry that she is about to give up or die.

Back at camp, Bambi’s good friend Javy has arrived. He helped him catch that fish. A video of Amber talking is played, and Prince goes crazy because she doesn’t sound well.

Javy then tells Prince and Bambi that they are about to kill Amber. Now Tomas is back, and Amber needs to tell him what happened. He tells her that it’s Monday and Saturday is a national holiday, which is the day she will die.

Maggie, the mother of Bambi and Amber, shows up at the Haas building in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She’s going to find Prince’s dad and talk to him. She asks for Eric, but no one gives it to her, so she starts to act up.

Finally, she tells Eric that the boys are in trouble and need their help. Eric says that he tried to warn them, but they didn’t listen. Maggie tells him that he needs to keep his family safe.

We find out that Amber only has 48 hours left to live. First, though, we see a man get shot, but it turns out that Amber is just starting to see things. Then, Tomas gets angry because the medicine they are giving her isn’t working.

In another flashback, we see how Amber and Prince met and how he met Bambi for the first time. As they move her to another holding area, she sees Bambi, which we all know isn’t real, and she starts to feel worse.

Mitch gives Prince patches that look like the Colombian military to help get them out of the fight. But then he tells them that this is the only way they can make it work. Mitch is keeping something from the guys, but I still need to find out.

We find out that Prince’s dad sent a group of people who came to help. Next, Bambi and Prince give a speech about what the mission is. Last, they tell the team what the plan is and what everyone’s goal is.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explain

At the end of the episode, Tariq, Momo, and the rest of their family are at a fancy dinner. Like any other family dinner, things get a little heated. Momo and Tariq talked about what happened outside before their ride came after dinner.

As we prepare for war, Prince and Bambi talk about what they should do next, but they also share a little about their jobs and lives. A few seconds later, there is a massive amount of gunfire, and Tariq goes down. Prince gets a call saying that it’s done and that he needs to leave tonight.

I’ll tell the truth. It wasn’t the best episode because it felt like we were getting ready for the action-packed last two episodes, but it did its job as the calm before the storm.

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