Dragon Ball Super: Who Is Black Frieza And How Powerful Is He?

Who Is Black Frieza And How Powerful Is He? The “Dragon Ball” franchise has introduced a multitude of memorable villains throughout its history. From Piccolo to Vegeta to Broly, each antagonist has significantly impacted the story. Yet, few have left an impression quite like Frieza, the first universal threat introduced in “Dragon Ball Z”. Fast forward to the current “Dragon Ball Super” manga, a new and more powerful form of Frieza has emerged, known as Black Frieza.

The Impact of Frieza in Dragon Ball Z

Frieza’s introduction in “Dragon Ball Z” dramatically heightened the stakes, with his ruthless actions causing Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time. The character’s formidable strength and cruelty make him a villain that fans remember with both awe and dread. However, the character’s evolution in “Dragon Ball Super” has brought forth a version that surpasses all previous incarnations of Frieza in terms of power: Black Frieza.

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The Emergence of Black Frieza

Black Frieza’s debut in the “Dragon Ball Super” manga demonstrated his immense power, as he swiftly defeated both Goku and Vegeta with a single strike in the Granolah the Survivor Saga. This new form of Frieza has yet to appear in the anime adaptation of “Dragon Ball Super”, but given the manga’s storyline, fans can anticipate his arrival on the screen soon, marking a return of Frieza as a central villain.

The Resurrection and Evolution of Frieza

Fans will remember that Goku and later Trunks previously defeated Frieza in “Dragon Ball Z”. However, Frieza was resurrected by Sorbet in “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F”, and has since returned stronger than ever.

Learning about Goku’s victories over both Beerus and Buu, Frieza was driven to train harder, resulting in the evolution into Golden Frieza. Despite his increased strength, Golden Frieza could not overcome Goku and Vegeta, setting the stage for the emergence of the terrifying Black Frieza.

Black Frieza: A New Level of Power

Black Frieza’s ability to defeat Goku and Vegeta with a single attack is a chilling demonstration of his newfound power. Given the Saiyans’ impressive power levels, Black Frieza’s victory over them suggests unprecedented strength. This development signals Frieza’s return as a top-tier villain in the “Dragon Ball” saga, adding an exciting and tense new chapter to the story.


In the “Dragon Ball Super” manga, Black Frieza represents the evolution of one of the franchise’s most iconic villains. His formidable power and chillingly efficient defeat of Goku and Vegeta establish him as a significant threat in the series. As fans anticipate the debut of Black Frieza in the anime series, they can expect thrilling battles and new challenges for the protagonists. The introduction of Black Frieza ensures that the “Dragon Ball” saga continues to excite and captivate viewers with its evolving storyline and characters.

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