Does Wednesday End Up With Xavier?

Does Wednesday End Up With Xavier? Wednesday, a new eight-episode series on Netflix, premiered today and is appropriate for all ages. The teen drama centers on the main character, Jenna Ortega, when she is sent to Nevermore Academy. Her new school has kids such as werewolves and sirens, and when one of them is murdered, she chooses to investigate the crime on her own. Wednesday’s biggest challenge isn’t facing monsters or dying; it’s creating friendships and relationships.

Wednesday is a highly autonomous person who has no use for emotional attachments. She has a hard exterior and a penchant for frightening others around her. Whereas she may have felt like an outsider elsewhere, at Nevermore, she finds a sense of belonging among the other misfits. Does Wednesday Addams Have Powers?

Who Are Wednesday’s Love Interests?

The only thing we knew about Wednesday Addams when the series debuted was that she had been expelled from her previous high school and was about to enroll at a boarding school named Nevermore. Of course, Nevermore is a school designed for social misfits like her.

Who Are Wednesday’s Love Interests? The fact that the series followed a young girl as she adjusted to life at a new school filled with other teens who felt like outsiders transformed it into a unique take on the coming-of-age tale. Therefore, it seemed inevitable that Wednesday would have her romantic narrative like most of her high school contemporaries.

Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin

Tyler, a teen boy, is a native of Jericho, a hamlet not far from the Nevermore campus, and he was raised in the Normie community there. As a barista, he spent his days serving customers in the Weathervane coffee shop. He met Wednesday at work, and the two hit it off immediately. Who Is The Hyde On Wednesday?

Wednesday, in her first session with Dr. Kinbott, she attempted to flee Jericho and Nevermore by approaching a stranger, Tyler, at the Weathervane and asking for his help. In gratitude for his assistance getting her out of town, she fixed the damaged espresso machine at the café. After work, Tyler offered to give her a ride to the train station.

Wednesday had every intention of evading Principal Weems, but he caught her first. Even so, Wednesday used her roommate Enid’s computer to get in touch with Tyler, asking for his assistance in utilizing the weekend carnival as a diversion from Nevermore and Jericho.

However, Wednesday was unable to leave town because she was attacked by Rowan, who sought her death since he believed that she was destined to ruin Nevermore. But the fact that Rowan had been killed by the same monster torturing Jericho ultimately convinced her to remain in Nevermore and look into the problem.

Wednesday naturally spent some time in Nevermore at the Weathervane, where she grew close to Tyler. While Wednesday was investigating the monster and the strange events in Nevermore and Jericho, the two spent time together. Wednesday was coerced into joining Tyler and his friends at the Rave’n Dance Ball thanks to the efforts of Thing.

Wednesday and Tyler went on a date after Tyler asked her out in Crackstone’s crypt and revealed that he wanted more than friendship. Wednesday was about to provide a definitive answer, but the date had to end before she could. Wednesday and Tyler kissed and became a couple briefly after Xavier was arrested as a suspect in the town’s killings, but the biggest twist was revealed shortly after that.

Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe

Xavier is now enrolled in the Nevermore Academy’s student body. Previously in the series, he had been seeing Bianca, the school’s self-proclaimed “queen bee” and resident siren. After seeing her challenge Bianca in fencing class on Wednesday, Xavier became interested in her.

On Wednesday, as a statue was going to fall on her head, Xavier rescued her just in time, and while doing so, he told her that they had known each other as children. When he accidentally imprisoned himself inside his grandmother’s coffin, Wednesday came to his rescue just in time to save him from being cremated.

Accordingly, Xavier’s interest in Wednesday blossomed rapidly, and by the following Wednesday, he was already sending her signals of his romantic love. Although he invited Wednesday to join the secret group he belonged to, the Nightshades, she politely declined. And Xavier was meant to go to the Rave’n Dance with Wednesday, but their relationship deteriorated, and he ended up not going.

Of course, Xavier has unique skills due to his status as an Outcast. Like his own father, he possesses telepathic abilities. But his psychic abilities take the shape of visions, which he usually paints immediately after experiencing them. To that end, he is a talented artist who provided some paintings for Wednesday’s use.

Wednesday, however, accused Xavier of being the Hyde monster since he seemed to have some sort of link to the beast through the subjects he painted most frequently. Evidence linking him to the monster was planted in his room, and Wednesday had him arrested. During Wednesday’s visit to him in jail, he hurled insults at her in his enraged state.

In the end, Wednesday uncovered the reality of the Hyde monster. Yet, Xavier remained the primary suspect and was imprisoned until the season finale, when Thing aided him in evading the sheriff’s car. His contributions were crucial to the eventual overthrow of Crackstone and the subsequent abandonment of Nevermore.

Does Wednesday End Up With Xavier?

Wednesday’s protagonist discovered that his partner, Marilyn Thornhill, was Laurel Gates and that Tyler was the Hyde monster in the show’s penultimate episodes. Therefore, Xavier was not the Hyde monster and was completely innocent. Wednesday did not wind up with Tyler, as he was an opponent the entire time.

It was decided to cancel the entire school year after the fight against Crackstone, Thornhill, and Tyler, and all of the pupils were sent home. Wednesday and Xavier reconciled just before Wednesday headed home, with Wednesday taking the blame for Xavier taking an arrow intended for Wednesday. Xavier presented her with a smartphone so they could stay in touch during the summer.

Since the verdict on Wednesday and Xavier’s relationship was still in the balance, they did not finish up together. During the series finale, they attempted to make up, but nothing good came. However, if the show is renewed for a second season, Wednesday might still wind up with Xavier. If we’re talking about Tyler, the ship sunk long ago.

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