Does Hawkeye Episode 5 Have A Post Credit Scene

Spiderman: No Way Home, Hawkeye also has a loyal following. This Wednesday, December 15, the fifth episode of the aforementioned Marvel Studios and Disney Plus production premiered.

Hawkeye has returned to Disney + better than ever with this fifth episode that opens up a range of possibilities that have made my day. Obviously, to be able to speak frankly, I will be forced to reveal too much in this review, so I urge those who have not seen this chapter to stop reading and watch it; they will not regret it.

Chapter 5 of Hawkeye begins with a dialogue of Black Widow, crossing a snowy stage and finally showing Yelena Belova on a mysterious mission where he faces a woman named Ana.

That mission happens after the events of Black Widow and Yelena Belova is actually using the antidote she stole to help save the rest of the women who are under the mind control of the organization behind the Red Room. But Ana is not like the others, she works as a hitman for fun and makes Natasha Romanoff’s younger sister question some things.

The previous chapter lets us see the first meeting between Clint, Kate, and Yelena, but this one reveals more about what happened before and about what is behind the “murderer” who ended up convincing Hawkeye that working with Kate only makes her in danger. The chapter also confirms that, although they don’t know it, they are all part of a bigger and more dangerous game, involving more people than they realize.

Does Hawkeye Episode 5 Have A Post Credit Scene

For all the fans who were waiting for extra scenes at the end of the episodes, as is customary in the Marvel series, we will have to tell you that unfortunately, the five episodes of Hawkeye do not contain post-credits scenes, however, that does not rest.

Conclusion Of Hawkeye Episode 5

This episode of Hawkeye opens many doors and I have loved that since I consider myself a very fan of Netflix fiction starring Charlie Cox. No one can deny that we had the best adaptation of Daredevil that could be desired and this gives us hope to see him recover again.

It is already known that this actor will play Matt Murdock in Spider-Man No Way Home and the appearance of ‘his Kingpin‘ makes me think that Marvel is going to bring him back to Disney +.

D’Onofrio brought us a great performance, superb, and seeing him again has me hooked on Hawkeye.

For the rest, Florence Pugh and Hailee Steinfeld steal the series with each frame in which they appear and give the series a joy that makes it even more entertaining. The dramatic counterpoint to the comic is well balanced.

I’m already aboard this fiction and I want to see what the appearance of Kingpin brings us: a Daredevil / Kate Bishop tandem makes me dream.

When is Hawkeye Chapter 5 released to watch on Disney Plus?

After episode 4 that premiered this Wednesday, December 8, when does episode 5 of Hawkeye premiere to see on Disney Plus? Luckily, the penultimate chapter of the Marvel miniseries on the streaming platform arrives on Wednesday, December 15.

What Time Did Hawkeye Chapter 5 Release?

Peru: 3.00 am Mexico: 2.00 am United States: 2.00 am Chile: 5.00 am Argentina: 5.00 am Venezuela: 4.00 am Brazil: 5.00 am Spain: 9.00 am

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