Does Eugene Die On Wednesday?

Does Eugene Die On Wednesday? The Netflix original series Wednesday features a lot of action. The protagonist, a high school freshman, has a rough time adjusting to her new environment at Nevermore Academy, where she has difficulty making friends and finding romantic success. The situation then becomes a murder mystery, with the monster perhaps on the loose. There are cults, the school’s storied past, and a psychic’s coming-of-age story to consider. Wednesday has its work cut out for it, but it handles the many moving parts reasonably well.

Does Eugene Die On Wednesday?

In episode 2, titled “Woe is the Loneliest Number” Wednesday becomes a part of Eugene’s beekeeping group. After that, in Episode 4, “Woe What a Night,” After Wednesday abandons Eugene, he decides to scout out a cave by himself. With the help of other Townies, Lucas pulls a prank that results in a shower of red paint falling on the party’s visitors. The monster pursues and attacks Eugene. In Episode 5, “You Reap What You Woe,” Eugene is left in a coma after the monster’s attack. In the 8th episode, “A Murder of Woes” Wednesday sees Eugene again after he comes out of his coma. He claims to have seen the person in red boots who triggered the cave explosion. Wednesday figures out that Marilyn is really Laurel Gates. Once she confronts the educator, he or she admits guilt. Eugene’s bees attack Marilyn. Tyler gets dropped kicked by Enid, and the sheriff responds by shooting at him. He changes back to his human form and is promptly taken into custody. The school day had ended early. On Wednesday, Xavier gives her first phone, and soon after, she realizes she is being followed.

So after this, it is confirmed that Eugene did not die on Wednesday’s first season of Netflix.

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