Does Archie Die In Riverdale?

Does Archie Die In Riverdale? Season 6 of Riverdale premiered on The CW this week, and we’ll find out if Archie Andrews dies or not in the season’s first episode.

Hiram Lodge, the show’s recurring character, was killed off at the end of the previous season, leaving the Riverdale fan base on the edge of their seats.

An event called “Rivervale” will take place over the course of five episodes in an alternate timeline for the start of Season 6.

Does Archie Die In Riverdale?

Cheryl stabbed Archie and removed his heart in the season 6 premiere as part of a scheme to allow Rivervale to prosper.

Although these events take place on-screen, they are not canonical to the real-world storyline of the show.

This means Archie is still alive in the real world, and we may expect to see him again after this special five-episode event—unless Hiram’s bombing is effective.

According to reports, KJ Apa has signed a multi-year contract with Riverdale, meaning the actor is unlikely to soon depart the show.

Did Archie Actually Die In Riverdale Season 6?

Archie and Betty’s newly renewed romance was interrupted by a bomb planted by Hiram in Sunday’s midseason premiere.

The explosion destroyed Archie’s house, but Archie and Betty escaped uninjured.

Does Veronica Die Riverdale?

Thanks to some supernatural work in Rivervale, nobody was hurt, but Veronica ultimately snapped under the unrelenting pressure of her father’s schemes to bring the rest of their group to their doom.

Is Betty Pregnant in Riverdale Season 6?

No, Betty isn’t pregnant. Archie, for one, is displeased. It’ll happen, she says, and maybe “the universe just wants us to stop the bad ones first.” Certainly, but how many baddies do you have to stop because Riverdale has an unending supply. Betty tells him.

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