Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Review and Recap

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Review and Recap: In the third episode of Divorce Attorney Shin, Park Ae-ran finally asks Sung-han for his help. While this is going on, Lee Seo-jin is trying to figure out what she will do next, and strangely, her lawyer is involved. Sung-han, on the other hand, sees things from the past as he gets closer to his goal and thinks about what he will do next.

Cho Seung-woo plays Shin Sung-han, Han Hye-jin plays Lee Seo-jin, Kim Sung-kyun plays Jang Hyeong-geun, Jung Moon-sung plays Jo Jeong-sik, Kang Mal-geum plays Kim So-yeon, Jeon Bae-soo plays Park Yu-seok, Han Eun-yeong plays Choi Jun, Cha Hwa-yeon plays Ma Geum-hee

This Review and Summary Of The Third Episode of Divorce Attorney: Shin contains Spoilers

Shin Sung-han wakes up with a bad hangover and a vague idea of what happened after he and his friends played music all night under the bridge. When Jo Jeong-sik calls him, he asks him why he did what he did. But since he can’t remember, he gets mad at him for not being there last night. Soon, he gets a link to a video of himself playing the piano in jest, which he calls a disaster.

On the other hand, Lee Seo-divorce jin’s has been final for a month, and she is slowly trying to get along with her son. But if she wants to keep her custody rights, she must show proof that she has a job and can care for the child. She’s lucky that she gets a job offer to start a streaming channel, which is popular right now.

But they want her to write content for adults that would appeal to men in general. Since her sex tape was leaked, it makes Seo-jin feel bad, so she storms out of the restaurant. She went to Shin Sung-office han’s with her resume because she couldn’t find work anywhere else. She asked for a job, even if it didn’t pay much.

nitially, they are hesitant to employ her and ask her to follow to her personal office, so that he can refuse her politely. But the door gets stuck again, and Seo-jin sees this as a chance to say that she can be a handful at the office while she takes apart the stuck door. She fixes the door and gets a job using a ruler, some wax, a lighter, and other office supplies.

Park Ae-mother-in-law, ran’s on the other hand, is seen in the hospital even though she is completely healthy. She wants to be given a diagnosis that says she needs to stay in the hospital for a long time. It seems like a plan to get proof in case they want to get a divorce. Ae-ran goes to Sung-han before a mountain falls on her and kills her because of what her MIL does.

She says that the divorce is going to happen anyway, but she wants an equal share of the property because she has been treated like a doormat for so long. We find out that the building belongs to her husband, but as a safety measure in case he goes bankrupt, he put it in the name of his mother. At first, Sung-han isn’t sure if he wants to take the case because they need proof to win. But because of what she’s been through and how hard she’s always worked, he decides to help.

But first, he sends Jeong-sik to find out more about Ae-MIL ran’s so he can figure out what’s going on and who he’s up against. Everyone knows about her bad temper and how she treated Ae-ran badly, so they can later testify for her. Later, Sung-han told Ae-ran to find any proof that the original owner is her husband and that he only gave it to his mother.

If the property doesn’t belong to her husband, it will be hard to get anything from it. At first, she couldn’t think of any proof but remembers how her husband told her that there was a notarised document & a recording that contains the proof of transfer of ownership. But the problem is that even that document is in MIL’s possession, so she will have to steal it from her things.

The episode also showed Jang Hyeong-troubled geun’s marriage. His wife Ji-eun seems to be living with another man she fell in love with, even though they are married. Hyeong-geun doesn’t want to give her a divorce because he thinks she will come back to him. We find out that before he became a paralegal, he worked in a trading company and was always caught up in his work.

This could have been one reason why his marriage ended, since he couldn’t give his wife the time and attention she needed, and she found it elsewhere. We also learned more about Sung-han and where he came from. The woman in the last episode seemed to be his nephew’s stepmother.

She sends her lawyer, Park Yu-seok, to tell him that he will no longer be able to see his nephew every month. It turns out that he is the same lawyer who handled his sister’s divorce but did a terrible job on purpose, possibly to keep her from getting custody. This could have been the reason why Sung-sister han’s had a bad end and why he changed careers.

The stepmother is the director of public relations at Yu-law seok’s firm, where he became a partner to help with the same divorce. Gi-yeong is the nephew’s name. He has a stepsister named Ha-yul, but her mother hates him and wants to keep her away from him. Yu-seok also sees the grapes colouring chart and asks, even though he already knows the answer, who he plans to take on after the last spot is filled.

Sung-determination han’s makes him angry, so he asks an intern at his firm to find out which case Sung-han is working on. If Yu-seok finds out, he might try to mess with the case. The intern is the same person who uploaded the video of Sung-han playing the piano. In a flashback, his sister Ju-hwa shows how sad she is by playing Mozart’s melancholy Piano Concerto No. 23. She then asks him to play the same piece at his concert in Germany. Even though the memory will soon be messed up, it could be the last time they see each other before she dies.

To sum up, Episode 3 of Divorce Attorney Shin

In the episodes, we learned more about the characters’ pasts and met some new ones who will be important to the story going forward. There were also some fun times when the three friends were together, which shows how close they are, but it seems like they don’t know about his musical past.

Also, to keep with my door metaphor from the last reviews, I think Seo-jin fixing the door is a way to show that we will be able to get even deeper into Sung-life, han’s just like the door can now open smoothly. She is the one who fixes the door, so she might also be the one to make Sung-life han’s less miserable.

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