Digimon Ghost Game Episode 66 & 67 Release Date (The Black Dragon of Destruction)

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 66 & 67 Release Date: All of the Digimons who came to the human world out of the blue worry because they can’t feel the presence of their own world. After last night’s blackout, the world returns to normal, but communication is hard and all other signals are down.

People from all over the world have seen Digimons and hologram ghosts. Hakuto tells Hiro, Ruri, and Kiyo that they can each open their own gate to the Digiworld. Even though there are risks, Kuzuhamon offers to help.

Kuzuhamon opens a door to the other world, but Hakuto doesn’t go with them. This leaves the other three on their own. Black corrison has had a big effect on the digital world, and everything has become gloomy and dark.

Kiyo falls into a strange substance. When he gets out, he starts acting strangely, trying to lure everyone into the same pit. Jellymon is affected by it, and so are Ruri and Angoramon.

When Hiro gets there, Kiyo is turning purple. Ruri, Angoramon, and Jellymon are also turning purple, and Rafflesimon is coming out of Kiyo. She changes the four of them into flowers and eats them.

Siriusmon tries to fight Rafflesimon, but it’s too late because Hiro and Espimon have already turned into flowers and been eaten, leaving Siriusmon alone. Also, Siriusmon starts to change into a flower and is about to be eaten.

Suddenly, a scary voice comes from inside. Rafflesimon starts to feel strange when he eats him, and everyone starts coming out of her. She quickly turns into dust, and the black aura around Siriusmon goes away.

They all end up in a strange, blue-painted place and leave the dark digital world behind. This is where Digimons are taken to the human world.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 66 & 67 Release Date

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, episode 66 of the Digimon Ghost Game anime came out.

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