Did Anyone Survive The Boston Strangler?

Did Anyone Survive The Boston Strangler? 13 single women between the ages of 19 and 85 were killed in the Boston area between June 1962 and January 1964. Because each murder was done in a similar way, many people thought that the same person was responsible for at least 11 of them. People thought that the women, who all lived alone, knew the attacker and let him in, or that he pretended to be a repairman or a delivery person to get the women to let him in. In every case, the victims had been raped, sometimes with foreign objects, and their naked bodies had been laid out as if for a pornographic photo. The killer always strangled the victim to death, but sometimes he or she also used a knife. The ligature, whether it was a stocking, a pillowcase, or something else, was always left around the victim’s neck and tied with a large, decorative bow.” People often called this string of murders “The Silk Stocking Murders,” and the person who did them was called the “Boston Strangler.”

A series of sex crimes began in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, area a few years before “The Silk Stocking Murders.” A man in his late 20s who was good at talking went door to door in search of young women. If a young woman answered the door, he would say he was a talent scout from a modelling agency looking for new models. He would tell her he needed to measure her if she was interested. Many women were interested and let him use his measuring tape to get their sizes. Then, as he measured the women, he would touch them as he did so. Several women reported this man to the police. They called him the “Measuring Man.”

Who Was The Last Victim Of The Boston Strangler?

Is The Boston Strangler A True Story? 

In March 1960, police caught a man breaking into a house. He admitted that he broke into the house and said he was the “Measuring Man” without being asked. Albert DeSalvo was the name of the man. The judge put DeSalvo in jail for 18 months but got out after 11 months for being a good boy. After he got out of prison, he started committing crimes again all over Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. During this spree, DeSalvo broke into more than 400 homes while wearing green clothes and sexually assaulted more than 300 women. While police all over New England were looking for the “Green Man,” the “Boston Strangler” was still being looked for by homicide detectives in Boston.

In October 1964, a young woman who had been raped by the “Green Man” told police that a man pretending to be a detective had broken into her home and raped her. The police were able to find out that the man was Albert DeSalvo based on what she told them about him. Newspapers printed a picture of DeSalvo, and several of the women he had attacked said that it was him. He was charged with rape and sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for psychiatric observation, where he became friends with George Nassar, who was later convicted of murder. People think that the two of them made a deal that if one of them admitted to being the Boston Strangler, they would split the reward money. DeSalvo told his lawyer, F. Lee Bailey, that he was the person who killed the people in Boston. Bailey thought that DeSalvo was the Strangler because he was able to give accurate details about the murders. The police were sure they had the killer after DeSalvo was questioned for hours and told them how he killed his victims, where they lived, and what they wore.

Did Anyone Survive The Boston Strangler?

Even though Albert DeSalvo said he did the “Silk Stocking Murders,” there was no physical evidence to prove it. Still, there was some doubt, so the police brought Gertrude Gruen, the Strangler’s only survivor, to the prison to try to find the man she fought off when he tried to strangle her. So they could see how she would react, the police brought Nassar and DeSalvo through the prison lobby. Gruen said that the second man, DeSalvo, was not the man, but when she saw the first man, Nassar, she felt that there was “something disturbing, something frighteningly familiar” about him. In spite of everything, DeSalvo’s wife, family, and friends never thought he could be the Strangler.

He was never tried for any of the “Boston Strangler” murders because there was no physical evidence and witness descriptions did not match him. But because of the rapes and sexual assaults in the “Green Man” case, he was sentenced to life in prison. He was sent to Walpole maximum security state prison to serve his time in 1967, but he was killed in his cell six years later. No one has ever been charged with being the Boston Strangler, even though it’s been almost 50 years.

In July 2013, the Boston Police Department thought they had found DNA evidence that linked Albert DeSalvo to Mary Sullivan, who had been raped and strangled in 1964. Mary Sullivan was the last person the Boston Strangler raped and killed. After taking DNA from DeSalvo’s nephew, the Boston Police said it was a “near certain match” to DNA found on Mary Sullivan’s body and on a blanket taken from her apartment. After this was discovered, the court ordered DeSalvo’s body be dug up.

After taking DNA from DeSalvo’s femur and some of his teeth, it was clear that he was the person who killed and raped Mary Sullivan. Even though the murder of Mary Sullivan has been solved, people still don’t know who the Boston Strangler was.

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