Cole Sprouse New Girlfriend 2021

Cole Sprouse New Girlfriend 2021

“You’re just really living the Suite Life, Cole. You can never escape it.”

Cole Sprouse just revealed if he still watches old episodes of his show, ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, and his answer might surprise you.

Let’s get into it!

Cole Sprouse just joined Vogue for an episode of their famous YouTube series, 73 Questions.

He talked about everything from the most romantic gesture he’s ever done for someone to the best food he can cook.

But during one part of the interview, Cole looked back on his childhood and reflected on child stardom.

When he was asked what’s something that most people don’t know about being a child star, here’s how Cole answers.

“It’s very competitive, it’s a very competitive arena.”

And as for Cole’s experience with that competition, well luckily for him it was usually against his identical twin brother Dylan, but thankfully he said they were on the “same team.”

Cole also discussed whether or not he looks back on his previous projects like ‘Suite Life’ and he admitted that he doesn’t love watching any of his work.

“I don’t really like to watch anything I do, so I try to stay away from it.”

But there are a couple of circumstances in which Cole admitted he will indulge and watch old episodes of Suite Life.

“Do you ever go back and watch old episodes of the Suite Life? When I’m drunk or feeling really narcissistic, yeah.”

Why is that the most relatable thing ever?!

I feel like having a glass of wine and watching some old episodes of Suite Life, low-key sounds like an amazing Friday night.

Cole did admit that while he usually only watches Suite Life when he’s drunk, he does have some very fond memories from that time and said it’s his favorite role he’s ever played.

“What’s your favorite role that you’ve ever done? I know it sounds cheesy, but I still have a really deep fondness for the Suite Life.”

Cole looked back on a specific moment from the show when he and his brother graduated from middle school and the crew threw them a big graduation party.

He admitted that he cried on screen and told fans there might be a video of it out there somewhere.

Challenge accepted!

And if anyone finds the video of 13-year-old Cole crying during his graduation party, please send it our way.

As for growing up in the spotlight alongside his twin Dylan, Cole said it hasn’t been difficult for them to form their own identities.

He said quote, “It was hard for the audience, I think. But it’s a double-edged sword. I get to bask in all of Dylan’s accomplishments too.”

And fans absolutely loved this interview and how honest he was about his love for Suite Life.

One person wrote quote, “I love that he’s not like the celebrities who hate their Disney Channel roles”

Another fan just obsessed over Cole writing “cole is so articulate and his sense of humor is immaculate. I love this man”

And this person appreciated Cole’s candidness saying “the only 73 questions that don’t
sound scripted.”

And we also appreciated how honest and real Cole was in this interview, especially that bit about watching Suite Life drunk.


Are Lili and Cole still together 2021?

No, they are not together, their relationship lasted until 2020, in August Cole confirmed with an Instagram post.

Are Lili Reinhart and Cole back together?

They back on screens in Riverdale season 5 “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness”, but they are not back together in relation, now they aren’t a couple.

Who is Cole Sprouse new girlfriend?

Recently he confimed his relationship of Canadian actress and model Ari Fournier.

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