Cast Of Grace Series 3

Cast Of Grace Series 3: Grace series 3 has returned to the screens, adapting one novel per episode from Peter James’s Roy Grace book series. The show continues to bring thrilling stories to life, with each episode packed with suspense and intrigue. In this blog post, we introduce the talented cast that brings the characters of Grace series 3 to life.

Grace series 3 delves deeper into the life of DSI Roy Grace and his team as they investigate chilling cases in East Sussex. The talented cast brings each character to life, making the series an enthralling watch.

Synopsis of Grace Series 3 Episodes

  • Dead Like You: DSI Roy Grace and DS Glenn Branson face a difficult situation when they must investigate an incident at the Royal Edward hotel during the leaving party of Assistant Chief Constable Alison Vosper. The case bears resemblance to past cases involving the Brighton Prowler, prompting Grace to dig deeper into the past to save the next victim.
  • Dead Man’s Grip: A tragic road traffic collision involving three vehicles turns into a larger investigation when an unexpected discovery is made. Grace and Branson are led on a tense, desperate game of cat and mouse through Brighton to save an innocent life before time runs out.
  • Not Dead Yet: Rising music star Gaia Lafayette becomes the target of a potential threat, forcing Grace and Branson to uncover who among her fanbase may have sinister intentions. Meanwhile, a grisly discovery on a remote Sussex pig farm puts additional pressure on the team.

Main Cast and Characters

  • John Simm as DSI Roy Grace
  • Richie Campbell as DS Glenn Branson
  • Zoë Tapper as Cleo Morey
  • Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy
  • Rakie Ayola as ACC Alison Vosper

Supporting Cast and Characters

  • Brad Morrison as DC Nick Nicholl
  • Alexander Cobb as Kevin Spinella
  • Thomas Coombes as Johnny Kerridge
  • Luke Norris as Rollo Mercer
  • Clare Calbraith as Sandy
  • Sam Hoare as ACC Cassian Pewe
  • Rob Jarvis as DI Sid Barrow
  • Claudia Jolly as Pippa Starling
  • Joanna Brookes as Maggie
  • Ben Wiggins as Oliver Starling
  • Craig Parkinson as DS Norman Potting
  • Heather Ann Foster as Rachel Ryan (credited as Heather Foster)
  • Boni Adeliyi as Mimi Taylor


With a talented cast and captivating storylines, Grace series 3 continues to enthrall fans and newcomers alike. Be sure to catch the latest episodes as DSI Roy Grace and his team tackle the challenging cases that come their way in the picturesque setting of East Sussex.

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